NCAA. Young Black man wearing football uniform in action.

NCAA Says College Athletes Can Finally Get Paid

Student athletes, the majority of whom are people of color, can now secure endorsements without jeopardizing their education or career.

Black men and White man in white uniforms with red trim and text stand in front of blurry and dark-lit crowd

Why Aren't More Unrecruited Black Players Walking Onto Basketball Teams?

Walking onto a Division I team can open doors off the court, even for students who barely get to play. A new article investigates why many Black basketball players are unable to join teams if they are not recruited.

#BeLikeDarsh Fights Hate, Celebrates Sikh Basketball Pioneer

Darsh Singh was the first turban-wearing basketball player in the NCAA. After people used his image to create racist memes, #BeLikeDarsh sprung up to promote his legacy. 

Black Women Sweep the NCAA D1 Swimming Championship

They came, they swam, they conquered.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: College Athletes, Unite

Calls college athletes’ effort to unionize “a necessary step”

Derrick Gordon Becomes First Openly Gay Men's Big Time College Basketball Player

The UMass guard is just made history.

Northwestern Football Players Face Steep Climb to Union

Things aren’t looking good in Evanston.

UConn Wins National Championship, Star Player 'Goes To Bed Starving'

The fight to unionize college athletes marches on.

Northwestern Football Players Win Right to Unionize

It’s the first time that a big-time college football program has won such a right.

For First Time Ever, College Football Players Organize to Unionize

The effort, if successful, could re-make college sports.

6 Native American Basketball Facts, Inspired by Louisville's Star Sisters

Basketball is an important part of life Native American communities. And nothing shows that better than the ascendence of Louisville’s Shoni and Jude Schimmel.

NCAA Champs: Duke Succeeds in Basketball and Graduation Rates

Last night, Duke University took the NCAA championship title. Honestly, I was rooting for the underdog Butler. But it was a good game. Props to the two teams’ basketball skills, but also to the fact that the graduation rates for the Black basketball student-athletes on both teams are on the higher end of the spectrum which dips as low as 13 percent at UNLV.