Navajo Nation

a woman fills a plastic container of water as another women looks on in the Navajo Nation

Native Americans Are Group Most Likely Not to Have Running Water at Home

A new report found that race is the biggest factor in determining access to water and sanitation access.

Fleming Begaye, Sr. Elderly Native American Man in white striped shirt and glasses.

Navajo Code Talker Fleming Begaye Sr. Dies At 97

The Navajo Nation mourns the Diné hero.

Moroni Benally. Indigenous man in purple sweater and blue jeans and bowtie smiles and leans against portrait of brown and red rocks in front of blue sky in brown hallway

Documentary Follows Gay Diné Man's Quest to Lead the Navajo Nation

Moroni Benally on his candidacy, which is chronicled in “Moroni for President”: “There were a lot of issues in terms of uneven understandings about the Navajo traditional perspective on what it means to be gay or queer.”

Located near Page, Arizona, the Navajo Generating Station is a coal-fired power plant that employs almost entirely Navajo people.

Navajo Nation Moves Forward on Coal Plant Lease Extension

In order to extend through 2019, the tribe still needs the approval of two-thirds of the full council.

The moon sets over sandstone formations near Round Rock December 5, 2002, on the Navajo Indian Reservation, Arizona. A third of the nation lacks access to running water.

The Navajo Nation Is Experiencing a Water Crisis

In Indian Country, 26,000 homes lack access to safe water and/or sanitation services.

School buses carry children across the vast Navajo Nation south of Rock Point December 5, 2002, on the Navajo Indian Reservation, Arizona.

Navajo Nation Slams Mining Company for Contaminated Water Disposal

“This is another prime example of environmental racism,” said Leona Morgan of Haul No!, an indigenous-led initiative.

Pieces of coal sit on the ground at the Savage Energy Terminal on August 26, 2016, in Price, Utah.

Coal Power Plant on Navajo Nation Land Scheduled to Close

The generating station is a major employer of Navajo and Hopi people.

Protestors hold a press conference to protest Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump's visit to Flint, Michigan, at the city's Water Treatment Plant on September 14, 2016.

New Water Bill Passes Senate, Can Provide $270M to Lead-Affected Communities

Funding for Flint would begin immediately upon House approval.

Roots of a tree that were washed with pollutants sit along Cement Creek on August 11, 2015, in Silverton, Colorado. Cement Creek was accidentally flooded with millions of gallons of mining wastewater by the EPA last year, polluting the larger Animas River

ICYMI: The Navajo People Sue the EPA Over Gold King Mine Spill

The Nation is seeking compensation for lost revenue and psychological damage.

Cement Creek, which was flooded with millions of gallons of mining wastewater, meets with the Animas River on Aug. 11, 2015, in Silverton, Colorado. The EPA accidentally released approximately 3 million gallons of wastewater into the creek from the Gold K

A Year Later, EPA Awards Navajo $445K for Gold King Mine Spill

Navajo Nation President: “The time has long passed for the U.S. EPA to act responsibly and fulfill their legal and moral obligations to the Navajo Nation.”

Cate Gillon/Getty

Still No Clean Water for Some in New Mexico and the Navajo Nation

The private company that supplies water to Crouch Mesa, New Mexico, was supposed to have fixed a broken valve that left consumers vulnerable to E. coli by July 15. It hasn’t done so.

Arizona Police Kill Navajo Woman, Family Says She Was Armed With Scissors

A police statement said that Loreal Juana Barnell-Tsingine “displayed a weapon which presented a substantial threat.” Officers shot her five times. 


Navajo Kindergartener Told to Cut his Hair, Sent Home on First Day of School

Dreadlocks are also prohibited in this West Texas school district

Navajo Nation Votes Against NFL Team's Racist Name

The final authority for the measure rests with the committee of the whole, according to ESPN.

Navajo Star Wars: Coming to a Theater Near You

May the Adziil be With You.

Unprecedented Number of HIV Cases in Navajo Reservation

The chances for survival after an AIDS diagnosis were lower for Native Americans than any other racial group.

Navajo Nation Sees Alarming Rise in HIV/AIDS Infections

Poor education is partly to blame, with some tribal members learning about HIV and AIDS only upon diagnosis.

Climate Change Report: American Indian Tribes Hit Hardest

Whether it’s a storm, wildfire or drought, the study found American Indian Tribes are always hit the hardest.