Native American

The Oceti Sakowin Youth ran from the Supreme Court to the Army Corps of Engineers' Headquarters chanting, "We run, For our people, For one nation, We run, For water, For life, We run!"

PHOTOS: Native Youth Deliver Petition Against Pipeline to White House

Three weeks after leaving North Dakota, dozens of runners reached Washington, D.C.

J.K. Rowling Criticized For Portrayal of Native American Wizards and Witches

The “Harry Potter” author’s first book in a new series about North American magic has inspired outrage from Native readers who accuse her of cultural appropriation.

New Book Helps Native American Girls Cope After Sexual Assault

A full 34.1 percent of Native women reports being assaulted at some point in her life.

This Policy Gives Native Women Equal Access to Emergency Contraception

Just 28 percent of Indian Health Services facilities provide emergency contraception to all—even though it has been the law since 2013.

Federal Government to Pay Native American Tribes $940 Million

The proposed payout will settle a 25-year dispute.

Obama Administration Restores Mountain’s Native American Name, Continues Beef

The highest point in North America is returning to its roots with a controversial name change.

People of Color and Women More Likely to Be Bosses, But Still Overwhelmingly Work Lower-Paying Jobs

POC and women are running things more than ever before, but still languishing in low-paying service and labor jobs.

Report: Juvenile Justice System Is Failing Native Youth

Native American teens are significantly more likely to be referred to state court systems for crimes such as truancy and underage drinking than their white counterparts. 

Native Woman Sarah Lee Circle Bear Died in Police Custody in South Dakota

Witnesses say the police told the Lakota woman to “knock it off” and “quit faking” when she told them she was in pain.

MTV's 'Rebel Music' to Feature Indigenous Artists in North America

The episode will premiere on Rebel Music’s Facebook page next Thursday.

Misty Upham's Family Says Cops Taunted Actress About Mental Illness

Her body was found late last week.

Weekend Read: Why Do So Many People Claim Native Heritage?

Wannabe Nation gets the literary treatment from Oklahoman Russell Cobb

This Native American Family is Transforming Collegiate Lacrosse

The Thompson family is reminding everyone of the sport’s Native roots.

The One Thing Native Americans Don't Call Themselves

Hint: It’s that team name you’re thinking about.

'Young Lakota' to Premiere Tonight on PBS, Follows Abortion on the Rez

More than just political commentary, the film follows the personal journeys of two young Native Americans who grapple with decisions about their own reproductive health.

Native Tribes Already Feeling the Effects of Government Shutdown

Transportation and elder home care have already been suspended for Montana’s Crow Tribe, which saw half of its employed members furloughed due to the government shutdown.

Three Indigenous Women Represent at New York Couture Fashion Week

Sho Sho Esquiro, Lyn Kay Peters, and Linda Lavallee get their moment to shine.

A Tribe Called Red Asks That Fans Stop Coming to Shows in 'Redface'

Because, duh.

'The Lone Ranger' Inspires Fashion Trend

If you like it, then you shoulda put a bird on it.

Poarch Creek Band of Indians High Schooler Can Finally Graduate

Alabama’s Escambia Academy decides that a Native student’s decision to wear feather during graduation doesn’t merit a fine or loss of diploma.