National Hispanic Heritage Month

Red cursive lettering reads "El Detour" on white background.

Pandora Debuts New Station in Honor of Hispanic Heritage Month

Streaming station “El Detour” features genre-bending Latinx artists.

"El Norte." Central American women, one young, one elder, wrapped in traditional blankets.

Classic Film 'El Norte' Returns to Theaters For One Day Only

In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, the groundbreaking 1984 film about a family traveling to the United States will screen in theaters nationwide. As director Gregory Nava says: “The message of this film is needed much more today.”

A multicolored heart

Twitter Users Celebrate Start of National Hispanic Heritage Month

“This year, remembering and celebrating our roots feels especially important, necessary, and politically charged.”

The Hispanic Heritage Month of Action Campaign Seeks to Register Millions of Latino Voters

The Hispanic Heritage Month of Action seeks to encourage voter registration and citizenship.