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READ: Can the Growing Mixed-Race Population Save America From Its Race Problem?

A new essay from writer Alexandros Orphanides explores just how far our multiracial brethren can carry us in the fight against racism.

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WATCH: Multiracial Americans Address Dislocation, Pride in New Video

Multiracial people with wide-reaching ethnic origins speak candidly about their experiences in this new video from NBC Asian America.

Study: Gender Impacts Racial Identity for Biracial People

The study also found that religion and socioeconomic status also matter.

Study Finds U.S. Multiracial Population is 3X What Census Counted

New study reveals that the¬†multiracial population is bigger than Census Bureau thought, and that people of white and Native American heritage are 50 percent of that group.

A New Definition of Fatherhood

Oakland artist Janine Macbeth’s new children’s book explores gender equity–as opposed to mere equality–in the home.