Mitch McConnell

Image of U.S. Capitol building in the evening

UPDATE: Government Shutdown Officially Ends, Fate of 'Dreamers' Remains Uncertain

Democrats reached an agreement with Republicans in exchange for a promise to take up legislation on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which shields some young immigrants from deportation.

Chuck Schumer at bottom of stairs

Mitch McConnell on Trumpcare: 'It Is Time to Move On'

The Senate majority leader’s Republican party once again failed to repeal Obamacare.

8 Must-See Reactions to SCOTUS Justice Scalia’s Death

From the White House to Congress to the campaign trail, what the biggest political players have to say about Antonin Scalia’s death and the space it opens up on the Supreme Court.

Confirmed: Loretta Lynch, Attorney General

Lynch will be the first black woman to hold the position

GOP's Loony "Pledge" Remains the Same: To Be Destructive

After two years of naked obstruction, the GOP says it’s now got ideas. Not really.

McConnell on Obama's Christianity: "I Take Him at His Word"

GOP leadership continues to show just how irresponsible it’s willing to be.

The 14th Amendment Rollback: See Ya, Bobby Jindal

MoJo considers who’d be kicked out if McConnell and Co. got their way.

GOP to Party Like It's 1868! Says Let's Debate 14th Amendment

As usual, Republicans are ready and willing to debate core values.