Martin Luther King, Jr. Black and white photo of Black man in front of microphone.

Kansas City to Remove Martin Luther King Jr.'s Name From Street Signs

Reverend Vernon Howard, Jr.: “It is the epitome of White privilege and systemic and structural racism.”

Pink and white sign in support of abortion rights held outside Old Courthouse in St. Louis, Missouri

Planned Parenthood Covertly Opens Clinic to Provide Care for Missourians

The 18,000-square foot facility is located in Illinois—just 13 miles from Missouri’s lone abortion clinic, which is currently under fire.

Exterior of Planned Parenthood of St. Louis. Gray-painted bricks, blue signage.

Court Temporarily Blocks Missouri's Eight-Week Abortion Ban

But new restrictions—including for cases of fetal Down Syndrome—were allowed to go into effect.

outside of St. Louis Planned Parenthood with Missouri and U.S. flags

Missouri's One Abortion Clinic Will Stay Open—For Now

A judge temporarily stopped the state from revoking St. Louis Planned Parenthood’s license.

A row of red lockers

Study Shows Black Students, Kids With Disabilities in Missouri Punished More Than Peers

“We must take actions at every level to end Missouri’s school-to-prison pipeline.”

Sign reads: "Living wage now."

GOP Missouri Legislators Roll Back St. Louis' Minimum Wage to $7.70

Activists: “Companies can either snatch back our raise and take food out of the mouths of children, or they can do the right thing by honoring the St. Louis wage increase and paying us at least $10 an hour.”

Black people in silhouette with hands raised stand in street under dim yellow light with blue and red police lights in the background

Magnolia Pictures Acquires Ferguson Uprising Doc, 'Whose Streets?'

The company, which also distributed “I Am Not Your Negro,” plans to release “Whose Streets?” this summer. 

Black teenager wearing teal shirt looks directly at camera

No Indictment for St. Louis Officers Who Killed Mansur Ball-Bey

The prosecutor says there wasn’t enough evidence to prove the shooting was not in self defense.

Saul Williams Hits Ferguson Streets for Stark New Music Video

“The Noise Came From Here” also features Marcellus Buckley, a poet and friend of Michael Brown. 

Racial Justice Org Condemns St. Louis Officials for Not Indicting Killer Cops

Organization for Black Struggle regarding the death of Kajieme Powell at the hands of St. Louis police: “Police authorities should not be the community’s only resource when mental and social service crisis happen.”

Someone is Burning Predominantly Black Churches in St. Louis

The church burnings echo a string of similar burnings across the South this summer. 

New Ferguson Judge Throws Out Warrants Issued by ‘Constitutionally Deficient’ Court

Ahead of new legislation that will revamp municipal courts systems all over Missouri, Ferguson’s head judge withdraws arrest warrants for nearly 10,000 people.

St. Patrick's Day, Ethics and The Jinx, New Asteroid App

Some of the morning’s headlines

Want to Know When the Wilson Indictment Decision Comes Down?

There’s a doc for that.

Michael Brown's High School Has an Alarmingly High Suspension Rate

A snapshot of Brown’s Normandy High School, by the numbers.

Organized Confusion: Votes Killed, Destroyed, Stressed

Voter ID suppoters rely on tricky language. Missouri didn’t fall for it.

Missouri Wants to Make Public Schools Check Immigration Statuses

Missouri could be the next battleground in a nationwide fight over tougher immigration laws.

5 Ways to Prepare For When Disaster Strikes

Advocates from the country’s Black Belt share their hard-learned lessons.

Missouri Pushes Voter ID, Birther Bill

HB 121 has some more hoops to jump through, and will need voter approval to go into effect.