A black and white newsclipping of a Black woman wearing a lacy collar with her hair pulled back

No, I Won't Get Your Coffee. Now Can You Hire More Women of Color? [OPINION]

Journalist and educator Jessica Brown on why newsroom diversity efforts fail so frequently.

A young woman in a royal blue hijab smiles while being interviewed at the Women's March on Washington

[VIDEO] How Kids, Women and Men of Color Showed Up for the Women's March on Washington

At the massive, historic gathering in D.C. we found expressions of resistance, determination and even joy. 

Four Black women in navy commencement robes and caps raise hands behind crowd of navy caps

Stanley Nelson Delivers a Fascinating New Documentary About HBCUs

Nelson, director of “The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution,” is back with an intriguing history of HBCUs, “Tell Them We Are Rising.” Here, a day after its Sundance debut, he talks about the triumphs and controversies of these still-essential institutions.

Solange Knowles in beige shirt and purple eyeshadow against white background

ICYMI: Solange Knowles Condemns Insecurity of 'Predominantly White Spaces' in Sobering New Essay

The singer wrote about a recent experience at a concert where a group of White women demanded she and her family sit down—then hit her with a lime.

STUDY: Feeling Stressed Out? Discrimination May Be to Blame.

A new study links discrimination—from microaggressions to race-fueled police violence—with heightened stress levels and illness.

UPDATE: Top 10 #LaughingWhileBlack Tweets and Wine Train CEO's Apology

After a mostly-black women’s book club was booted from the Napa Valley Wine Train for what they’ve described as “laughing while black,” a complimentary hashtag made waves on social media. The results are amazing. 

Illinois University Survey Reveals Some Ugly Truths About On-Campus Racism

A new report from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign reveals the breadth of microaggressions faced by students of color on its campus.

Report: For Students of Color, College Life Filled With Microaggressions

Women and students of color report experiencing taunts, denigration, and microaggressions.

Why White People Should Never Tell Black People They're 'Not Really Black'

About to do something racist? Try this instead.

How to Get a Black Woman Fired

In light of the Adria Richards debacle, Channing Kennedy, Colorlines.com’s white male correspondent, uses the power bestowed by his made-up title to break down a pattern of Internet harassment, racist and sexist micro-aggressions and other methods of enforcing mob rule.

It's Bigger Than Adria Richards

A primer for how you can prepare yourself for racist and sexist Internet attacks–mind, body and soul.