Michael Slager

BREAKING: Ex-Cop Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Killing Walter Scott

North Charleston, South Carolina, former police officer Michael Slager was caught on bystander video shooting the unarmed Black man in the back.

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Michael Slager Pleads Guilty to Violating Walter Scott's Civil Rights

The former North Charleston, South Carolina, police officer faces a maximum sentence of life in prison for fatally shooting Scott, an unarmed Black motorist, in the back during a traffic stop.

WATCH: Michael Slager Trial Jury Foreman Says Race Wasn't Major Factor in Mistrial

Dorsey Montgomery II was the only Black person on the jury for the man who killed Walter Scott.

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Mistrial Declared in Walter Scott Murder Case

State prosecutor vows to try North Charleston ex-police officer Michael Slager again.

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Walter Scott Police-Involved Killing Trial Begins Today

Former North Charleston (South Carolina) Police Department officer Michael Slager claimed Scott was going for his Taser when he shot him. Bystander video showed the unarmed Black man was running away when he was killed.

Ex-Officer Who Killed Walter Scott Indicted on Civil Rights Charges

He has already been indicted for murder.

North Charleston to Pay $6.5 Million for Killing Walter Scott

The settlement was reached before the family could file a lawsuit against the city for Scott’s death at the hands of an officer.

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Share This Portrait of Walter Scott

In far too many stories about Walter Scott–the black 50-year-old killed by white North Charleston, S.C., officer Michael Slager–we can’t see his face. Here is Richard Péan’s rendering of Scott–and cop who shot him in the back

Walter Scott's Family: Without Bystander Video, Charges Unlikely

“They would have swept it under the rug, like they did with many others.”

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