Protesters hold signs. Two blue and white signs say, "Keep abortion legal." One black and white sign says, "Abortion kills a person."

Today is the 39th Anniversary of the Anti-Abortion Hyde Amendment

The Hyde Amendment blocks abortion coverage for low-income women who depend on Medicaid for their health care.

What We've Learned From Obamacare

The grand experiment of making a market-driven system accessible to the working poor is off to a bad start.

Majority of Front-Line Fast-Food Workers Need Public Assistance

A new study shows 52 percent of front-line fast-food employees need public assistance to make ends meet.

What Obamacare's Onset Means for Racial Justice

The law’s historic expansion of healthcare will begin on Oct. 1, but the working poor in half the nation will be left out.

Navajo Nation Plans to Become First Tribe to Manage Its Own Medicaid System

The Navajo Nation is on its way to becoming the first tribe to manage its own federally funded medicaid program.

Collateral Damage in the War on Women

Poor and uninsured women of color are starting to feel the results after two years of relentless attacks on family planning infrastructure. Akiba Solomon reports from Texas.

How the Supreme Court's 'Obamacare' Ruling May Lock in Racial Inequity

Hold the victory celebrations. Yes, the Supreme Court upheld the individual mandate, but it set up a scary fight over Medicaid–which is the half of the law that takes on the deep racial inequity burdening our health care system.

Of Mice and Medicine: How Investing in Medicaid will Create Jobs

A new report by the Commonwealth Fund highlights the dangers lawmakers face when they approach health care policy without the bigger picture in mind.

James O'Keefe's Latest Target: Medicaid, and Your Social Safety Net

Estimates show that one in every six people in America receive some form of government assistance. Conservatives like O’Keefe still want to shame them.

Who's Gonna Care for the Aging Boomers? Poor, Immigrant Women

As the GOP pushes Medicare and Medicaid cuts, advocates urge Congress to make the programs work for three million home-care givers making poverty-wages–and the ballooning number of people who depend upon them.

Recession Pushes Health Care System from Bad to Worse

Maybe with another few hundred thousand newly uninsured people next year, Washington will finally figure out that ignoring the pain won’t make it go away.