Media Matters

Illustration of freed slave being blocked from ballot box by Jim Crow laws

New Video Says Strict Voter ID Laws Are 'The New Jim Crow'

Media Matters for America breaks down how strict voter ID laws lock Black and Latinx people out of the electoral process.

A Year After Freddie Gray's Death, A Look at Media's Coverage of the Baltimore Uprising

Baltimore activist Lawrence Grandpre: “We have this really threat-based framework for interpreting things like the Baltimore uprising. When you see Black folks as an irrational threat, all you need to do to assuage your fear is put them down.”

How News Media Fuels the Myth of Black Crime

In TV land, all the violent crime suspects are black. Not so much in real life.

Study Finds People Of Color Nearly Invisible On Evening Cable News

Rachel Maddow and Piers Morgan hosted the lowest number guests of color amongst their networks.

Fox Nation and Fox News Latino Push Different Spin on Immigration

Fox News simultaneously headlines a negative immigration article on Fox Nation while headlining the exact same topic with a positive connotation on Fox Latino.