U.S. Supreme Court and protest sign supporting abortion

Maryland Aims to Leave Title X Program to Protect Abortion Providers and Patients

If approved, the state will refuse nearly $4 million in funding to create its own family planning program.

A protestor holds a sign during a demonstration against fracking in California on May 30, 2013.

Maryland Becomes 3rd State to Ban Fracking

The move came after many years of environmental activism.

Bowie State's New Hip-Hop Studies Minor Makes Us Want to Go Back to School

Maryland’s oldest HBCU will offer “Hip-Hop Studies and Visual Culture” as a minor next fall. 


Maryland is Third State to Ban Confederate Flag from License Plates

Maryland joins Virginia and Texas in recalling license plates that feature the Confederate battle flag.

Maryland is First State to Ban Broad Class of Discriminatory Profiling in Law Enforcement

Maryland’s new policy aims to “help repair the frayed relationships between police and many in the community by making mutual respect the norm in everyday police encounters.”

Maryland Rolls Back Its Zero-Tolerance School Discipline Policies

School districts have until the 2014-2015 year to revise their school discipline policies.

Maryland House of Delegates Votes to End Death Penalty

Maryland is now the first state below the Mason-Dixon Line to abolish the death penalty.

Low Wage Group Facing Eviction As University of Maryland Expands

The group United Workers says their landlord has given them a 30-day eviction notice to vacate the property.

Maryland Readies for Hurricane Sandy's Impact on Early Voting

Early voting is critical to the black vote, but with two fewer days in Maryland’s early voting schedule, it could have far-reaching effects on the state’s future.

Maryland Passes Its DREAM Act

Now a total of 12 states allow undocumented immigrant students the right to pay in-state tuition at four year colleges.

Maryland DREAM Act Passes State House, One Hurdle Remains

But the tuition bill faces one more hurdle before it’s law.