March on Washington

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Was Assassinated 48 Years Ago Today

Dr. King was just 39 years old when he was killed.

It's Been 50 Years Since Malcolm X's 'Message to the Grass Roots'

Have you heard it?

Dream Defenders and DREAMers Were Cut From 'I Have a Dream' Ceremony

Leaders of youth social justice action organizations were invited to speak at the March on Washington 50th anniversary ceremony yesterday, but then cut at the last minute.

Report From the March on Washington 50th Anniversary Ceremony

The highs and the lows of yesterday’s commemoration

Obama vs. History

To understand why the president has failed to address economic inequity, listen to his strange, ahistorical diagnosis of the problem.

An Animated Look at Martin Luther King, Jr's 'I Have a Dream' Speech

A new project hopes to keep the speech’s legacy alive.

Colin Powell Talks Race, March on Washington and Voter ID

Colin Powell says President Obama needs to step up race discussion.

My March on Washington, in Tweets

Rinku Sen covered the massive event–and all the voices there–140 characters at a time.

'One Man, One Vote' a Major Theme at March on Washington Anniversary

The call to strengthen voting rights was a prominent feature of the 50th anniversary rally.

The Sounds of Freedom [AUDIO]

An audio collage from the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

Necessary Tension Around Obama at March on Washington 50th Anniversary

Looking at the blurred lines between Barack Obama and Martin Luther King.

The 1963 March on Washington in Photos

Historian and author Barbara Ransby takes us beyond “I Have a Dream.”

Shadowing the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

A look inside the promotion and planning of the unofficial March for Jobs and Justice in Washington, D.C.

A Tale of Two (or Three) Marches in Washington, D.C.

Sorting out the events honoring the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington

[Postponed] Live Chat: Moving Toward the Dream

News editor Aura Bogado talks with organizers from the Dream Defenders, Moral Mondays and Dream 9 about a new era of direct action.

MLK's 'I Have a Dream' Speech Was Also About Police Brutality

Copyright restrictions have made it so that you likely haven’t watched the speech in its entirety.

Building a New Racial Justice Movement

Creating a multiracial movement for justice requires more than slapping the word “new” in front of “civil rights movement.”

Obama Will Emphasize Class and Race at March on Washington 50th Anniversary

Over the weekend, The Washington Post presented a preview of President Obama’s speech at the upcoming 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, which they report will strongly emphasize economic inequality problems, even more so than racial inequality.

Still Marching for Jobs

At the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, its economic justice platform remains unmet.

Two Years After BP Gulf Disaster, First Criminal Charges Arrive

A former BP engineer has been arrested for deleting text messages which discussed the real scale of the spill.