malcolm x

Malcolm X's Diary Will Be Published This Week

But a lawsuit is brewing to stop the book from hitting shelves.

Listen to Lost Malcolm X Speech, 50 Years Later

On Feb. 21, 1965, the former Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X was assasinated. He was 39.

No New Investigation for Malcolm X Murder Case, Say Feds

The Justice Department says there’s no good reason to spend the money on reopening the case on Malcolm X’s assassination. A recent biography argued the initial case was rushed and insufficient, spurring new calls for a real investigation.

Birthday Love for Malcolm X

The charismatic leader would have turned 86 today.

What Ever Happened to Black Power? (And Do We Care?)

A new Malcolm X biography has put black nationalism in the news again. Reniqua Allen looks back, and forward, at the political ideology he helped popularize.

Malcolm X's Daughter Disputes Claims About Father's Sexuality

The discussion with Ilyasah Shabazz went from tense to downright hostile after several questions about the allegations.

On DJ Mister Cee, Malcolm X and Online Homophobia

How should we deal with the kinds of comments littering Mister Cee and Malcolm X threads?

Malcolm X's Fearless Commitment to Freedom 46 Years Later

It’s been 46 years since he was shot and killed.

Tea Partiers Hijack Malcolm X Speech

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.