Major League Baseball

Mariano Rivera. Latinx man with bald head wearing dark suit, white shirt and red tie.

Mariano Rivera Makes Baseball History With Unanimous Hall of Fame Vote

The Yankees’ pitcher was inducted alongside Mariners’ third baseman Edgar Martinez, marking the first time two Latinx athletes have been added to the Hall of Fame at the same time.

Roberto Clemente. Illustration of Black Latinx man in black and tan baseball uniform holding brown baseball bat in front of black text reading "GOOGLE" and a red white and blue Puerto Rican flag on tan image of Puerto Rico

Google Doodle Celebrates Latinx Baseball Legend Roberto Clemente

Clemente’s batting prowess and humanitarian work made him a hero to sports fans long before he became the first Latinx player inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Protesters hold signs

Cleveland Indians to Drop Chief Wahoo Logo

National Congress of American Indians: “Washington Owner Dan Snyder needs to look at Cleveland’s move and then look in the mirror.”

Singer Says 'All Lives Matter' During MLB All-Star Game Pre-Show

The Tenors says member Remigio Pereira changed the lyrics to “O Canada” to “serve his own political views.”

Ken Burns Says His New Jackie Robinson Doc is About Black Lives Matter

From integrated swimming pools to driving while Black, the director uses his new documentary to show how activists are still fighting the same battles—just with new names.

Philadelphia Apologizes to Jackie Robinson For Racist Treatment

Nearly 70 years after Robinson faced racist taunts from Philadelphia Phillies players and team management, the city says it’s sorry.

Who Was the Real Jackie Robinson?

“42,” the Hollywood film about Jackie Robinson’s first year in the racially segregated major leagues, comes out today. Inside the racial politics and legacy of the baseball trailblazer.