Jamila Woods in water with blue and pink clothing, orange-hued background

Take Care of Yourself: Stream Jamila Woods' 'Heavn' in Its Entirety

The singer, poet and youth educator just dropped her debut album.

An Overdue Intro to Hollis Wong-Wear, the Grammy-Nominated Musician and Poet on a Mission

The Macklemore & Ryan Lewis collaborator has stepped out as frontwoman of her own electro-R&B group, The Flavr Blue. But this is just the beginning for the singing, songwriting poet who will set you straight if you call her a “sidekick.” 


Kendrick Lamar Owned The Grammys Last Night

Kendrick may not have won “Album of the Year,” but who cares? Did you see that performance? 

Here's What Happened When We Questioned Macklemore & Ryan Lewis About Their White Privilege

To promote their new single, ”White Privilege II,” Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have been doing interviews that include some of the artist-activists of color who helped them create it. Here’s what they had to say to Colorlines about their purpose, plan and why they didn’t just quietly write the movement some checks.

Macklemore Addresses 'Black Lives Matter,' Appropriation Criticism on 'White Privilege II'

The nine-minute song was created in collaboration with a number of artists, educators and anti-racism organizers. 

Macklemore Gets His Own Signature Jordan Sneaker

Which you probably can’t find at the thrift shop.

Kendrick Lamar Talks About Macklemore and New Album

As always, he was gracious and diplomatic.

Drake Admits That The Best Rap Albums Don't Always Win Grammys

The Grammy’s rap awards are more a matter of popularity than anything else.

Kendrick Lamar Responds to Macklemore

It might surprise you.

Queen Latifah Officiated Dozens of Gay Weddings at the Grammys

Here’s one .gif that captures it all.

Macklemore to Kendrick Lamar: 'You Got Robbed'

Because he did.

Macklemore's Grammy-Winning 16 Bars and the Search for Our 40 Acres

Or at least some damn recognition.

Grammy Preview: Who Should Win the Award for Best Rap Album?

Take your vote.

The Grammys Rap Committee Doesn't Like Macklemore's 'Pop' Music

The Seattle-based rapper is a Grammy favorite, but what he means to hip-hop is another question.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Perform 'Can't Hold Us' on NYC Bus

Because your morning commute isn’t annoying enough.

No Black Artists Had Number One Singles in 2013

It’s the first time in Billboard’s 56-year history of tracking number one songs that not a single black artist has topped the list.

Are Critics Using Macklemore to 'Gentrify' Hip-Hop?

Macklemore was one of the biggest names in last week’s Grammy nominations.

Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore, Jay Z Lead This Year's Grammy Nods

It’s a boy’s club.

Macklemore's Trayvon Martin Tribute Matters -- Here's Why

It’s inspiring to see an artist who’s mindful of his influence and willing to put his politics front and center.

This Is Macklemore's Plea For You to Join the ACLU

An unconventional endorsement from a world-famous rapper.