Los Angeles

Braceros. Older Latinx men wearing workers hats and dark-colored tops.

New Monument Honors Mexican Braceros

The Bracero Monument in Los Angeles pays tribute to the 4.5 million Mexican nationals who crossed the border to help the U.S. mitigate labor shortages caused by World War II.

a light skin boy wearing a clear poncho in the rain in front of a high school holds up a sign at a rally that says "we stand with L A teachers"

LA Teachers Strike Enters Fifth Day with Thousands of Supporters

Tens of thousands of teachers, parents, students and supporters in the Los Angeles Unified School District are demanding better pay, smaller class sizes and more resources and support staff for students—nearly 75 percent of whom are Latinx.

A Maya teen holds a portrait of herself wearing a traditional corte dress

WATCH: Teen Photographers Capture Generations of Maya Women and Girls

A new short documentary profiles six Guatemelan teen photographers who are tackling representation, racism and classism through their project Maya Womxn of LA.

NJ Gov Christie Campaigns For CA Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Whitman

Second Black Man Found Dead in Major Democratic Contributor's Home

Ed Buck is not currently under investigation for either death.

Redbone. Black and white photograph of five Indigenous and Latinx men in multicolored clothing in front of grey background

Livestream Los Angeles' First Official Indigenous Peoples' Day Celebration

The United States’ largest city to officially replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day marks its first official commemoration with a series of events, including a concert by rock band Redbone.

Two Brown people in white shirts with black and grey tattoo sleeves in front of red and grey walls

LISTEN: NPR Traces Black and Grey Realism Tattooing to Mexican-American East L.A.

World-famous tattoo artists Freddy Negrete and Chuey Quintanar discuss the progression of their discipline.

Black woman in pink dress in front of green plants and yellow light-up sign; Black woman in white blouse in front of white screen with black insignia

Issa Rae and Angela Flournoy Join Forces for HBO Family Drama

The series follows a Black family living in Los Angeles during the turbulent ’90s.

Los Angeles to Transition to Electric Buses to Fight Climate Change

The move will also improve air quality for residents.

Man in green camouflage uniform and helmet holding black assault rifle in front of brown wall with black graffiti

Upcoming Doc, 'Burn, Motherf***er, Burn!' Explores Origins and Legacy of L.A. Riots

“Fresh Dressed” director Sacha Jenkins’ latest documentary premieres on Showtime April 21, 25 years after racial tensions exploded into days of unrest that shook Los Angeles. 

Four Brown men in matching maroon tuxedos near white table with green cacti on green grass near green trees and tall cacti

Chicano Batman is Here to Get Us Free

The SoCal quartet just dropped their latest album, “Freedom is Free.” We spoke with bassist Eduardo Arenas about the band’s unique name, bigotry on the road and why making joyous music is an act of protest. 

Red-and-white ambulance near red fire truck and white and blue police car against dark night sky

Police Say California Mosque Stabbing Is Possible Hate Crime

John Henry Matteson was apprehended shortly after he allegedly stabbed a worshipper outside a Simi Valley mosque.

Protestors hold signs on streets of Los Angeles

WATCH: #TrumpProtests Take Over Streets Nationwide

From New York City to Los Angeles, Americas are expressing their displeasure with the election of Donald Trump.

Black woman with brown dreadlocks and grey blazer and black shirt against black background

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Brings Trauma of Criminalization to the Stage

Ahead of opening night for Patrisse Cullors’ “Power: From the Mouths of the Occupied,” the activist talked to Colorlines about how the production will incorporate the stories of Seattle locals in each performance.

Family of Jesse Romero to Sue City of Los Angeles for Killing Teen

Jesse Romero, 14, was fatally shot by an LAPD officer in August.

Blue text against black background

AAPI Orgs, Activists Join Forces for New Voter Mobilization Initiative and Concerts

#IAmAsianAmerican launched today with plans to register 15,000 Asian-American millenials to vote through via free concerts in four cities on October 16.

Gizzle in white collared shirt with white undershirt and brown sunglasses against white background with blue-and-black logos

After Writing Rap Hits, Can This Queer Female MC Break Into the Mainstream?

Pitchfork profiled Gizzle, a rapper and songwriter who has co-authored verses for rap superstars like Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign, as she makes a play for stardom. 

White man wearing glasses with camera

STUDY: Police Body Cameras in Danger of Being Used as 'Instruments of Injustice'

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights examined body-worn camera policies in 50 municipalities. It was not impressed.

Ieshia Evans standing in blue-green dress in front of black-clad armed police officers

72 Hellish Hours of Protest, Riot Police and Mass Arrests

From Baton Rouge to St. Paul to Los Angeles, hundreds hit the streets this weekend to protest the police killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. There were hundreds of arrests, and, in several faceoffs, demonstrators were knocked to the ground by police and stepped on.

A car drives past a building that has been renovated beside one that is still derelict in Brooklyn, an area experiencing rapid gentrification on May 17, 2005, in New York City.

Inside 'Environmental Gentrification'

It’s grimy, it’s expensive—and it’s pushing poor people of color closer to polluters.

Los Illegals "El-Lay" artwork in red and grayscale, black background

Seminal Chicano Punk Band's Bassist Slams Non-Confrontational Artists and Activists

Jesus Velo: “Our continual goal is to destroy every succeeding generation of patronizing Latino American groups.”