Loretta Lynch

Black child holds black sign with white text reading "#ILoveBaltimore" while sitting on shoulders next to Black adults holding black signs with white text reading "#BlackLivesMatter" and "Justice for Freddie Gray" amidst yellow sun glare

Department of Justice, Baltimore Officials Reach Deal on Proposed Police Reforms

The city’s public spending board approved the consent decree, which now requires a U.S. District Court judge’s confirmation.

Black woman with Muslim children

ICYMI: Loretta Lynch Gives Speech on Recent Rise in Hate Crimes

“When one of us is threatened, we all have to speak out, regardless of the discomfort it might call upon us. When one of us is in harm’s way, we’re all in harm’s way.”

Woman with red and white striped shirt holds portrait of man in black tuxedo against blue background, standing against background of grey patterned shirts

DOJ Replaces Team Investigating Eric Garner's Killing

The federal civil rights investigation into Garner’s killing by NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo was apparently slowed down by disputes between FBI investigators and Justice Department prosecutors over whether or not to bring charges against the involved officers. 

Yellow police tape and broken glass in the grass

DOJ Announces Plan to Track Police Use of Force

The agency plans to launch a pilot program by early 2017.

Court: North Carolina Voter ID Laws Targeted Blacks With 'Almost Surgical Precision'

The appeals court decision repeals provisions put in place under the guise of reducing voter fraud.

Person typing on grey and black computer with multi-colored codes on black screen

ACLU, Researchers and Journalists Sue to Legally Investigate Algorithm-Based Discrimination

The organization says the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act “prohibits and chills academics, researchers and journalists from testing for discrimination on the internet.”

Two police officers dressed in black stand behind a sign that says "City of Ferguson Police Department."

FBI, DEA, U.S. Attorneys to Receive Mandatory Implicit Bias Training

Attorney General Loretta Lynch: “Today’s announcement is an important step in our ongoing efforts to promote fairness, eliminate bias and build the stronger, safer, more just society that all Americans deserve.”

Three FBI investigators by damage site at Pulse, two in navy jackets with yellow "FBI" lettering

Feds Release Transcript From Omar Mateen's Phone Calls With Orlando Police

The Department of Justice and FBI released a full transcript—rather than the previously announced version with redacted sections about Mateen’s allegiance to ISIS—after criticism from lawmakers.

Michelle Obama in black dress with multi-colored pattern, blue background in back

Michelle Obama's Advice to Men at United State of Women Summit: 'Be Better'

Michelle Obama, Loretta Lynch, Shonda Rimes and many more prominent women spoke at the White House convening.

A woman wearing a blue head scarf lights a candle on a long makeshift memorial alter that is dotted with rainbow flags

What You Need to Know About the Orlando Massacre, the Latinx LGBTQ Community and Islamophobia

From Coalición Unida to the Justice Department to the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity, here is the conversation surrounding the mass murder of members of the Latinx LGBTQ community.

North Carolina Governor, Justice Department Suing Each Other Over Anti-Trans Law

The federal government told Pat McCrory to stop enforcing the law. He did not listen.

Loretta Lynch to Decide if Charleston Shooter Should Face Death Penalty

Dylann Roof faces 33 federal hate crime and firearms charges.

Justice Department to Judges: Jailing People Who Can't Pay Fines is Unconstitutional

The department is pushing state judges to do their part to end the practice of jailing the poor.

Today: White House Will Bring Together Civil Rights Activists Past and Present

President Obama is set to meet with leaders from Black Lives Matter and the Civil Rights movement.

Justice Department to Investigate Chicago Police for Possible Civil Rights Violations

The investigation will examine how the Chicago Police Department uses force—and how officers are held accountable.

Baltimore Mayor Calls for Federal Probe Following AG Lynch's Visit

The new attorney general visited Baltimore Tuesday.

Race Affected Loretta Lynch's Confirmation, Says Her Father

The father of the new U.S. Attorney General speaks.

Confirmed: Loretta Lynch, Attorney General

Lynch will be the first black woman to hold the position

Senate Committee Clears Path for Loretta Lynch

Lynch is expected to become the first African-American female attorney general of the United States.

At Loretta Lynch's Confirmation Hearing, Senators Air Holder Grievances

“You’re not Eric Holder, are you?” Sen. John Cornyn asked.