Life Cycles of Inequity

Staying Alive, as a Black Man [VIDEO]

Two men living with HIV share their personal stories of keeping well in a world in which the average black man dies far younger than the nation overall.

9 Charts That Force the Question, Does Black Life Matter?

When measured by the blunt calculus of mortality, being black in the U.S. is a killer.

A Community of Black Dads [VIDEO]

Father Mathis’ life story highlights the centuries-long tradition of communal parenting in black families. It’s one of many cultural tools that are ignored in the handwringing over a crisis of black fatherhood.

A New Image of Black Fatherhood [PHOTOS]

Marcus Franklin refocuses the distorting lens of mainstream media with intimate portraits of black dads and their kids.

The Untold Story of Black Fatherhood

The constant refrain about a crisis of black fatherhood obscures out a far more complex reality in black families.

A Concise History of U.S. Divestment in Black Men [VIDEO]

Economic justice columnist Imara Jones and graphic artist Tatiana Lam explain how black men have been excluded from generations worth of economic opportunity initiatives.

6 Ways the White House Can Help Truly Keep Our Brothers

Let’s get specific about what the Obama administration can do in the next two years to fix generations worth of divestment in black men.

Black, Queer and in Vogue [PHOTOS]

Mainstream pop culture has spent decades mining the house ballroom scene of black LGBTQ communities for inspiration–without recognition, or pay.

The Hip-Hop Hustle, Then and Now [VIDEO]

Jay Smooth talks with the pioneering artists who first sold mix tapes on the streets of New York City, and with a young crew that’s trying to recreate that success today.

Criminals, Victims and the Black Men Left Behind

Young, black men in Chicago are far more likely to be touched by violent crime than any other group. But they’re not innocent enough to get the help they need to recover.

Out of Prison, but Not Free [Video]

Men leaving Louisiana’s infamous Angola penitentiary describe the emotional and psychological hurdles they face after years of incarceration.

The Latest On Youth Unemployment and Jobs

One in four blacks and one in six Latinos under the age of 25 can’t find a job

Here's What Our Twitter Community Had to Say About Black Men and Unemployment

Our Twitter chat on black men and unemployment unearthed hard truths about job market inequity.

Life Cycles of Inequity: A Colorlines Series on Black Men

A monthly series exploring the ways in which injustice impacts every stage of black male life.