Life Cycles

Weekend Read: Why Do So Many People Claim Native Heritage?

Wannabe Nation gets the literary treatment from Oklahoman Russell Cobb

Here's What Our Twitter Community Had to Say About Black Men and Unemployment

Our Twitter chat on black men and unemployment unearthed hard truths about job market inequity.

'I Can't Be Boxed In' [Video]

Colorlines speaks with black men in Philadelphia who are weighing the balance between what they can achieve through hard work and ambition, and what obstacles they can’t hurdle on their own.

A Day in the Shop [Photos]

Aura Bogado chronicles the work of young men training to become automotive technicians–the kinds of jobs that can lift their families out of poverty.

Infographic: From Disability to Criminality

The dangerous intersection at which too many black children are diverted from school to jail.

Race, Disability and the School-to-Prison Pipeline

A nascent program in Oakland schools is trying to disentangle the threads that many believe drag black boys out of classrooms and into jails.

Life Cycles of Inequity: A Colorlines Series on Black Men

A monthly series exploring the ways in which injustice impacts every stage of black male life.