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Michigan Seeks to Enact Nation's Strictest Rules on Water Lead Levels

The changes are a response to the ongoing Flint water crisis.


New Legislation Aims to Prevent the Next Flint Water Crisis

Representatives Keith Ellison and Ro Khanna introduced The WATER Act on the fourth anniversary of the day Flint’s water woes began.

Jesse Jackson Leads National March In Flint To End Water Crisis

Michigan to Stop Distributing Free Bottled Water in Flint

Many of the city’s residents do not trust—or use—what comes out of their tap.

 Flint Continues To Struggle With Water Contamination Crisis

Testing Shows That Flint's Kids Still Attend Schools With Elevated Lead Water Levels

Free bottled water for students is only guaranteed through the end of this school year.

A sign displayed in a front yard request that residents keep fro playing in the dirt or mulch at the West Calumet Housing Complex on September 4, 2016, in East Chicago, Indiana.

READ: Racism's Role in the Fight to Save Children From Lead Poisoning

Lead expert David Rosner to ThinkProgress: “The rest of the country basically saw it as an idiosyncratic thing, affecting just a few Black kids and Hispanic kids and therefore unimportant.”

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WATCH: In East Chicago, Residents Can't Drink Their Water or Play Outside

Soil and water contain dangerous levels of lead and arsenic.

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How Can We Prevent the Next Flint?

A new report from WIRED says we don’t have the data necessary to avoid repeating history.

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STUDY: What Did People Google Throughout the Flint Water Crisis?

Searches suggest Flint residents knew something was wrong with their water before government officials or local media did.

A sign displayed in a front yard request that residents keep fro playing in the dirt or mulch at the West Calumet Housing Complex on September 4, 2016, in East Chicago, Indiana.

A Water Crisis Like Flint's Is Unfolding In East Chicago

The soil and water of this predominantly Black and Latinx city contain dangerous levels of lead.

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READ: In Flint, The Water Crisis Has Led to Another, Unexpected Health Problem

In Genesee County, 85 cases of a gastrointestinal disease have been diagnosed this year. It can be prevented by hand washing—a task which isn’t as simple as it used to be.

Mona Hanna-Attisha, director of the Pediatric Residency Program at Hurley Medical Center, at the Capitol on February 10, 2016, in Washington, D.C. A year ago, she exposed the blood lead levels of Flint children.

READ: A Year Later, Flint Continues to Deal With Drinking Water Problems

In the city of 99,000 residents, fewer than 200 unsafe pipes have been replaced.

Lawsuit Against EPA Demands Better Protection from Lead Paint

Eight groups site the agency for its lack of attention to a crisis affecting an estimated 37.1 million homes.

Colorlines screen shot of a sign on an East Chicago yard warning residents of the soil from a CBS Chicago video, taken on August 16, 2016.

READ: Lead Isn't Only in Water. It's in Backyards, Too

One East Chicago community has been contaminated with lead since at least 1985. The EPA and city are finally doing something about it: kicking residents out.

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Pittsburgh Joins the List of U.S. Cities with Lead in Drinking Water

“The levels in Pittsburgh are comparable to those reported in Flint,” said a researcher.

Flint Water Advisory Says Crisis is a 'Story of Government Failure'

The independent task force also applauded the citizens who forced the nation to reckon with this environmental justice issue.

Water in 30 Newark Public Schools Tests Positive for Lead

Officials have turned off the taps at half the district’s schools.