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Split screen of two faces with word "accept" across them in white letters

How the Super Bowl Became a Battle for America's Soul

The subtle—and not-so subtle—roles race, xenophobia and Islamophobia played in Super Bowl LI.

Grace Jones on Miley, Nicki and Rihanna: 'There Is No Long-Term Vision'

The outspoken and trailblazing musician’s memoir, “I’ll Never Write My Memoirs,” comes out on September 24. 

What Jezebel Gets Wrong About R. Kelly

When an allegedly feminist blog bigs up “Black Panties,” the new album by the alleged pedophile, it makes you wonder what a feminist is.

Muslim Women Speak Out Against Lady Gaga's 'Burqa' Fetish

Someone has to speak up.

Lady Gaga Fires Long Time Black Choreographer Laurieann Gibson

The black choreographer and creative director who says she’s largely responsible for Lady Gaga’s image has been “dismissed.”

Lady Gaga Becomes Fifth Female Artist to Go Platinum in First Week

Despite allegations that she’s stealing styles from artists of color, Lady Gaga mania continues.

Lady Gaga Kicks Oprah Off Top Spot of Forbes' 'Most Powerful'

Winfrey earned $290 million last year, but Lady Gaga’s star is rising.

Lady Gaga May Be the Next Poser Chola-in-Chief

And she’s not the only white singer to invoke Chicano culture in recent years.

Cee Lo, Drake, Lady Gaga Among This Year's Grammy Nominees

The artists we love to talk about are set to take over this season’s biggest music awards show.

Lady Gaga Brings Gay Soldiers From Fringe to Red Carpet

The singer makes a bold statement in opposition to the military’s ban on gay and lesbian soldiers.

Lady Gaga Denounces SB 1070 at Phoenix Concert

She won’t join the boycott, but Gaga at least spoke her mind while playing the state.