labor movement

Obama Shuts Jim Crow Era Labor-Law Loop Hole for Home Care Workers

President Obama and Secretary of Labor Solis announced nearly 2 million homecare workers will soon have federal overtime and minimum wage protections. These workers, among others, were left out of 1930s laws at behest of Southern white lawmakers.

What Now? The Next Stage in the Public Sector Unions Fight

Wisconsin has killed collective bargaining, but there and in other states, the battle is still building.

Send Us Your Photos From Wisconsin Solidarity Rallies

Help us show the world there remains a progressive movement for economic justice in America.

King's Fight for Unions Is Still Essential

MLK died fighting for the very rights that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and a growing number of his GOP counterparts want to take away.

Five Workplace Reforms to Fight for This Labor Day

More workers than you think don’t enjoy the protection of labor laws. A look at their jobs, and the burgeoning movements to get them rights.

Domestic Workers Lead the Way to 21st Century Labor Rights

An historic New York victory demonstrates what today’s labor movement needs to look like.

Student Activists Find Winning Strategy in Nike Dunk

In These Times profiles the student-led movement to support garment workers.

Domestic Workers Get Overtime Pay But No Union

A new law in New York grants basic human rights like a day off per week, but no collective bargaining.