Labor Day

Carmen Castillo. Latinx woman standing in front of microphone surrounded by people.

'Councilwoman' Documentary Follows Life and Work of Immigrant Politician

The project focuses on Carmen Castillo, who splits her time between working as a housekeeper and serving her community via the city council.

Black man in navy jacket and red hat holds red, white and blue sign next to Black people holding red, white and blue signs

A Look Back at This Year in Labor and Racial Justice

From rejected Labor Secretary picks to Fight for $15 actions, here are a few of the highlights from the past year in labor and racial justice movement-making.

A crowd of Black and Brown people in Los Angeles protest for fair labor standards

Stealing Labor

Why combating wage theft—including non-payment, denial of overtime, requiring off-the-clock work and paying below minimum wage—should be a bigger political priority. 

Thirteen Ways to Celebrate Labor Day

This Labor Day learn about historic labor fights and support a few current ones.

Stocks Are Down! Obama's Unpopular! Wait, Who Cares?!

Another dismal monthly jobs report and another round of all the wrong questions and concerns. Meanwhile, millions of people continue fighting for survival.

Labor Day Showdown: Can Advocates Stop 'NAFTA of the Pacific'?

Business and political leaders are meeting in Chicago for closed-door negotiations on yet another so-called free trade deal–a pact to coddle corporations interested in sweatshop labor, high-priced pharmaceuticals and destructive agribusiness.

The $50 Billion Dollar Question in Obama's New Jobs Proposal

It’s unclear exactly how jobs will be created, what kind of jobs they’ll be and for who will get them.

Obama Finally Calls Out GOP's "Powerful Interests"

For the President, it’s no more mister nice guy.