Kristina Wong

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Michelle Kwan, Kristina Wong Urge Asian-Amerian Community to Vote

Just 49 percent of eligible Asian American and Pacific Islanders voted in the 2016 presidential election. These entertainers want to change that this fall.

Kristina Wong and girls in yellow hats and rainbow sashes raising fists in front of white and blue and red walls and art

Comedian Kristina Wong's 'Radical Cram School' Teaches AAPI Girls How to Resist Racism

Wong’s indie web series plays on children’s television tropes while teaching Asian- and Pacific Islander-American girls history and tools to resist.

WATCH: Comedians and Activists Ask California Governor Jerry Brown, 'What The Frack?'

Comedian Kristina Wong: “You don’t sh*t where you eat, and you shouldn’t frack where you drink.”

Three Questions for Kristina Wong, Comedic Pioneer

Wong’s newest project, the multi-media extravaganza “The Wong Street Journal,” debuts in Los Angeles tonight. 

Kristina Wong: Asian Vaginas Have the Power to End Racism (NSFW)

Or not?

New Video Series Shows How Comedians of Color Turn Pain Into Laughter

Hari Kondabolu, Kristina Wong, Issa Rae and Lalo Alcaraz take center stage.

For Asian-American Men, A New Definition of Sexy

Comedian Kristina Wong had some tips for this year’s college grads.

Comedian Kristina Wong Opens Up About Mental Illness and Chinese-Americans

She toured with her show about Asian-American women and depression for seven years.

Comedian Kristina Wong Talks Asian Dating Fetish

The San Francisco native made an appearance on FX’s “Totally Biased With Kamau Bell.”

Comedian Kristina Wong Wants You to Celebrate White History Month

Here’s why.

Watch This Brilliant Takedown of 'Asian Girlz'

Video blogger Kristina Wong strikes back at Day Above Ground’s racist song and video–and defender Levy Tran