Kony 2012

New Film Probes the West's Very Old Obsession With 'Saving' Africa

“Framed” asks all the tough questions.

Invisible Children Release Kony 2012 Update With 'More Details and Context'

The organization released an update today which is said to offer more details and context about the conflicts in Uganda.

Kony This: 'Ghana ThinkTank' Turns the Tables on White Saviors

This multi-year global art project puts poor nations in charge of solving so-called first-world problems–then implements those solutions in first-world communities.

"Stop Kony" Invisible Children Co-Founder Detained by San Diego Police

He was masturbating in public and likely high, police said.

Even Ugandan Victims of Kony Say Some 'Kony 2012' Methods Are Offensive

A local organization in Northern Uganda set up a viewing of “Kony 2012” and pepole started throwing rocks at the screen.

Kony 2012's Success Shows There's Big Money Attached to White Saviors

Despite its attempt to respond directly to criticism, Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 campaign puts the focus on all that’s right–and wrong–with online advocacy.

Ugandan Responds to Kony Campaign: 'You Shouldn't Be Telling My Story'

People of northern Uganda aren’t helpless, Rosebell Kagumire says.

The Kony 2012 Campaign May Inspire, But It's Got Problems

As a video about Ugandan leader Joseph Kony gains the world’s attention, but it’s got a shady past of its own. Jezebel has the scoop.