Killing Eve

Asian woman with hair up and bangs wearing a read gown with shoulders exposed turned to the side and a crowd of red carpet reporters behind her.

Oh Yes!: Sandra Oh's Hot Streak Continues on 'Saturday Night Live'

The “Killing Eve” actor will be the third woman of Asian descent to host the iconic series.

Sandra Oh in black shirt and blazer and red pants in front of dark grey background

Sandra Oh Hopes Emmy Nod Uplifts 'All Our Other Brothers and Sisters'

The Korean-Canadian actress recently became the first Asian woman to earn a Lead Actress in a Drama Series nomination, but she doesn’t want the representation conversation to stop with her.

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READ: Sandra Oh On How Internalized Racism Impacts Her Career

“After being told to see things a certain way for decades, you realize, ‘Oh my God! They brainwashed me!’”