Kill at Will Law

Winner of Trayvon Martin Look-Alike Contest to Receive Prize

A Topeka teenager is scheduled to receive an award on Friday for winning a Trayvon Martin Look-Alike contest.

Trayvon Martin's Parents Launch Fund to Fight Stand Your Ground Laws

The parents of slain Florida teenager Trayvon Martin have launched a new fund and political committee to “Stand Your Ground” laws across the country.

Mark Your Calendars: Trial Date Set for George Zimmerman

The journey to bring Zimmerman to justice has been a long one.

Trayvon Martin's Dad has a Moving Message for Father's Day

This Father’s Day, join Trayvon Martin’s father, Tracy Martin, and add your name to this national petition demanding that all “Stand Your Ground” laws be repealed.

Infographic: How Quickly 'Stand Your Ground' Spread Nationwide

MotherJones looks at how years before Trayvon Martin was killed, gun lobbyists conspired to give Stand Your Ground shooters immunity everywhere.

Florida: 73 Percent Who Shoot Blacks and Use 'Stand Your Ground' Walk

The state law that gained the spotlight in the Trayvon Martin case has seen a higher percentage of people go free after a black person is killed than after the victim is white.

Why Didn't Florida's Stand-Your-Ground Ethics Apply to Marissa Alexander? [Reader Forum]

Readers discuss the race politics of Alexander’s 20-year sentence for firing a warning shot at her abusive ex-husband.

Is ALEC on the Ropes? As Companies Flee, Critics Target IRS

Another bad day for the secretive conservative group that’s spread pro-corporate and Tea Party-style legislation around the country. Common Cause challenges its tax exempt status.

ALEC Scraps Voter ID and 'Kill at Will' Task Force

ALEC finally cuts loose its task force responsible for popularizing legislation that obstructs voting rights and allows gun owners to kill at will.

Activist Challenges Georgia 'Kill at Will' Law in Federal Suit

Lawsuit says African Americans have disproportionate chance to be killed under kill at will laws.

As Millions Fight for Trayvon Martin, Kill at Will Laws Flourish

Zimmerman is invoking Florida’s “kill at will” laws. Can the criminal justice system, which has failed communities of color, deliver for Trayvon Martin’s family?

Members of New York Legislature Wear Hoodies to Legislative Session [Photos]

New York State Senator Eric Adams and his colleagues honored Trayvon Martin on Monday by wearing hoodies to the March 26, 2012 Senate legislative session in Albany.

Police: Zimmerman Says Trayvon Martin Knocked Him Down, 'Slammed His Head Into Sidewalk'

The Orlando Sentinel on Monday morning published the most detailed report to date of what authorities say happened one month ago today when George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin.