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Beyoncé Drops 'The Lion King: The Gift,' World Stops

Beyoncé: “It was important that the music was not only performed by the most interesting and talented artists, but also produced by the best African producers. Authenticity and heart were important to me.”

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Watch Kendrick Lamar's 'Power'-ful TV Acting Debut

Kung Fu Kenny starred as Laces in the latest episode of the Starz crime drama. 

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Kendrick Lamar, James Forman Jr., Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah Honored With Pulitzer Prizes

This year’s winners include artists and journalists who fearlessly explored contemporary racial identity and oppression.

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Ryan Coogler and Sounwave Discuss Creation of 'Black Panther: The Album'

The “Black Panther” director and Top Dawg Entertainment producer explore how the film’s hip hop-heavy soundtrack came to be.

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Kendrick Lamar Drops 'Black Panther' Album Track List

The rapper brought his Top Dawg Entertainment compatriots SZA and Jay Rock onto the Marvel movie soundtrack. 

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From Kendrick Lamar to Luis Fonsi to Janelle Monáe, Must-See Grammy Awards Clips

How artists of color dominated the Grammys in song and speech.

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LISTEN: Kendrick Lamar and SZA Drop First Single From 'Black Panther' Soundtrack

Lamar co-produced the entire project.

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Kendrick Lamar's Fiery Performance and More VMAs Highlights

K-Dot’s “Humble” video earned him more awards than any other artist at MTV’s annual celebration of music video achievement.

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Must-Read Roundup: 3 Boundary-Pushing Black Artists Spill on Creativity and Politics

Kendrick Lamar, Donald Glover and Chance the Rapper each discuss their work and influence in a trio of new interviews.

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3 Illuminating Excerpts from Dave Chappelle's Interview Magazine Convo With Kendrick Lamar

The comedian interviewed the “DAMN.” rapper for Interview’s August cover story. Here are a few portions of their wide-ranging conversation about fame, using their influence and more. 

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Mahershala Ali, Kendrick Lamar and Other Black Artists Talk Candidly About Race in 'Story of O.J.' Footnotes

Ali: “We move through the world playing defense, we don’t have the capacity to play offense.” 

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Gordon Parks Foundation Praises K-Dot's Adaptation of Photographer's Work in 'Element' Video

“To see a contemporary artist like Kendrick see and understand the importance of that work spoke the most to me.”

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5 Times Kendrick Lamar Kicked Racism's A** on 'DAMN.'

The “Alright” MC just unleashed his latest album on the world. Here, five moments where K-Dot gave American racism and oppression the tounge-lashing it deserves.

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Body Positivity or Body Policing? Kendrick Lamar's Video for 'Humble' Sparks Debate

“Show me somethin’ natural like a** with some stretchmarks.”

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How Your Faves Really Feel About the #Inauguration

The Obamas’ departure from the White House and Donald Trump’s first day as president compelled many entertainers of color to speak their minds on social media. They didn’t hold back.

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Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar to Headline Coachella, World Freaks Out

Bey is the first Black woman to headline the annual music festival.

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In Trying Times, Some Songs for Healing and Persevering

From Run the Jewels to Solange, we offer our favorite artists’ work to help process the rage and hopelessness you might be feeling right now.

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'Luke Cage' Composer and Super-Producer Adrian Younge Has a New Album and Message for Composers of Color

With a new electronic album dropping today and the upcoming debut of  ”Luke Cage,” Younge discusses both projects and the importance of this moment for Black composers.

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Frank Ocean's New Albums Didn't Shake the World, and That's Totally Fine

Despite the anticipation and repeated delays for what became “blond” and “Endless,” does Frank Ocean owe any more than what he delivered?

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Beyoncé Leads MTV's VMAs Pack With 11 Nominations

Bey earned nominations for several videos from her groundbreaking visual album “Lemonade,” including “Freedom” and “Sorry.”