Kelley Williams-Bolar

Connecticut Bars Felony Arrests for School Zip Code Fraud

Can a public education be stolen? Not in Connecticut anymore.

Kelley Williams-Bolar's Long, Winding Fight to Educate Her Daughters

When the Ohio mom was prosecuted last year for sending her daughters to a neighboring school district, her story became a cause celebre. Now, she’s joined a growing movement for more parental control over school reform. But is it just a front for privatization?

Kelley Williams-Bolar: I 'Never Thought I'd Be Prosecuted'

The Ohio mom whose outrageous criminal case sparked a national outcry finally speaks out.

Ohio Gov. Kasich Reduces Charges for Kelley Williams-Bolar

After a whirlwind case, the Ohio mom has finally caught a bit of a break.

Kelley Williams-Bolar, Mom Charged with Stealing Kids' Education, Denied Pardon

Williams-Bolar’s conviction is but one of a series of headline-grabbing harsh prosecutions of black moms this year.

Theft Charge Dismissed Against Ohio Mom Kelley Williams-Bolar

But the legal battle isn’t over just yet.

Ohio Mom Gets Jail Time For Sending Kids to Suburban School

Kelley Williams-Bolar gets ten days in jail for good parenting.