juvenile justice

More Police in Schools Means More Student Arrests [Infographic]

That, and other facts about the school-to-prison pipeline.

States Offer Varying Protection for Youth to Put Juvenile Records Behind Them

An expunged record is elusive, but key, for many young people looking to put their pasts behind them.

'Hogtying' of Inmates Raises Alarm About Nevada Juvenile Detention Conditions

More than one in four incarcerated youth say they’ve been physically restrained before.

Study: One in 10 Juvenile Detainees Have Contemplated Suicide

Youth in juvenile detention are at much greater risk for suicide than young people in the general population.

Contra Costa County Drops Costly Juvenile Record-Sealing Fee

The county used to charge $150 for adults to apply to see if they were eligible to seal their juvenile records.

Paying to Get Locked Up: The High Fees of Juvenile Detention

Parents are charged $25 a day every day that their child is locked up, and that’s just one of many fees assessed for kids in the juvenile justice system.

The Awful Reality Faced By Teens Who Are Locked Away in Solitary Confinement

A new video from the ACLU is hard to watch, but the problem is difficult to ignore.

Hundreds of Teens Behind Bars Report Sexual Assaults by Staffers

Rape and sexual assault are frighteningly prevalent in the juvenile justice system.

DOJ Files Landmark Agreement to Curb Meridian, Miss.'s School-to-Prison Pipeline

“For Mississippi it’s really a glorious day.”

A Two-Minute Video Explains Why Jail Is Not the Answer for Youth Crime

The youthful transgressions of yore are landing kids in jail today. It doesn’t have to be that way.

New Study Finds a Dramatic Drop in Youth Incarceration Rates

Thanks to falling youth crime rates and cash-strapped states (seriously), juveniles are less likely to land in prison. But when it comes to racial disparities, the devil remains in the details.

Tennessee Signs Landmark DOJ Agreement to Right Its Juvenile Justice Wrongs

The Shelby County juvenile justice system is especially and disproportionately harsh on black kids, while denying kids of all races their basic due process rights.

Could Your Kid Be Thrown In Jail For Wearing the Wrong Socks? [Reader Forum]

Colorlines readers respond to the shocking details of a Mississippi school-to-prison pipeline.

Groups Press Justice Department on Prison Rape

Groups call for an end to the culture of impunity that looms over the incarcerated.

You Can't Fix Juvenile Justice and Ignore Race

It’ll take more than a cost-benefit analysis to stop locking up so many black and brown kids.

Feds Take Over New York's Troubled Youth Prisons

Advocates say it’s a start, but kids with mental health needs ought to be in treatment, not lock up.