John Carlos

Hasan Minhaj. South Asian man with black hair and beard smiles while wearing white shirt in front of blue and teal background

Your Faves Break Down Why You Need to Vote

Hasan Minhaj, Constance Wu, Keegan-Michael Key, Ibtihaj Muhammad and more want you to head to the polls.

Colin Kaepernick in white sleeveless warm-up shirt with red-and-gold 49ers logo on front

Keep The Activist Athlete Convo Going With The #ColinKaepernickSyllabus

Mark Anthony Neal collaborated with scholars across disciplines to create the extensive syllabus, which features works on sports and race from James Baldwin and Jackie Robinson.

John Carlos in baby blue dress shirt with black blazer and bowtie

Olympian John Carlos: 'If You're Famous and You're Black, You Have to Be An Activist'

Carlos, who famously raised the Black Power fist on the winner’s stand at the 1968 Olympics, addressed the importance of Black athletes’ activism in a new Vox piece.