Johannes Mehserle

Court Allows Oscar Grant's Father to Sue Ex-Bart Cop

Grant’s family is still searching for justice.

'Fruitvale Station,' a Landmark

A new feature film on Oscar Grant’s killing takes its name from a landmark in a community that’s lived through, and fought back against, too much police violence.

Superior Court Judge Denies Mehserle Bail

Meanwhile, Mehserle’s still appealing his charge on involuntary manslaughter.

DOJ Prepared to Examine Oscar Grant Case

Now that Mehserle’s been sentenced, the Justice Department weighs further action.

The Lesson of Mehserle's Trial? Justice is Found in Prevention

While the Grant family pursues a federal case and readies for a civil suit, the community needs to think about prevention.

Oscar Grant's Killer Johannes Mehserle Gets Two Years In Prison

The former BART police officer gets credit for time already served.

Baseball Playoffs Unwitting Host to Police Accountability Feud

Johannes Mehserle’s dad steals airtime outside of Giants’ AT&T Park.

It Cost BART $6 Million to Kill Oscar Grant

It might be legally defensible for police to kill innocent people, but it sure is expensive.

The Johannes Mehserle PR Campaign--From Killer to Happy Dad

Supporters show family photos, wage rallies and create websites to drum up sympathy before sentencing.

Mehserle's Letter of Regret for Killing Oscar Grant

Read Johannes Mehserle’s hand-written letter to the family.

Oscar Grant Trial: I'm Not a Murderer

Johannes Mehserle has finally spoken for himself. And in one compelling testimony he transformed from the anonymous symbol of cop brutality a sympathetic, imperfect human being a jury can understand.

Oscar Grant Trial: Gripping Testimony Opens Defense

Johannes Mehserle’s defense kicks off with a combative, emotional exchange with Grant’s friend over what really happened on the BART platform that deadly night.

Oscar Grant Trial: Train Operator Called Fight No Big Deal

Keecha Williams testified that the fight on her train was typical New Year’s Eve fare, and that the fight Grant supposedly had with other people on the train was not unusually violent.

Oakland Cops Stage Riot to Prep for Oscar Grant Verdict

Bay Area police convened for a day-long training on arrest and crowd control techniques. They simulated violence by having plain clothes officers throw objects at police.

BART Cop Pirone's Convenient Memory Lapses

Pirone could not remember how Grant got from his knees onto the floor of the platform. “It’s like trying to unscramble an egg,” Pirone said by way of explaining his fuzzy memories.

Oscar Grant Trial: Prosecution Pokes Holes in BART Cop's Story

Eyewitnesses’ cell phone videos show that Oscar Grant and his friends were compliant with transit cops and did not resist their orders.

Fired BART Cop Pirone May Testify

Pirone was the BART police officer who had his knee pressed on Grant’s back at the moment Mehserle shot him.

DA: No Cop Pulls a Gun on Accident

A retired BART patrol officer walked the courtroom through the four safety features in the gun Mehserle used that would have prevented the weapon from accidentally being shot.

Oscar Grant Took Photo of Mehserle Holding Taser Gun

Minutes before he was killed, Oscar Grant used his sister’s cell phone to take a photo of BART cop Johannes Mehserle holding and pointing his Taser at him.

No Black Jurors In Oscar Grant Trial, But It Might Not Matter Anyway

The 18 jurors in the Oscar Grant trial–six are alternates–have been selected, and none of them are Black. News of the jury’s racial composition has angered community members and the Grant family. “It feels like we already have lost,” Traci Cooper, a friend of the Grant family, told KTVU.