Why Young, Black Men Can't Work

It’s not just criminal records. The job market for recent high school graduates is shaped profoundly by race and gender.

A Day in the Shop [Photos]

Aura Bogado chronicles the work of young men training to become automotive technicians–the kinds of jobs that can lift their families out of poverty.

Four Ways to Go Beyond "My Brother's Keeper"

The truth is that given the limited goals of My Brothers Keeper it may be too unambitious for the task required. Here are four ways to supercharge it.

How Economists Tally Unemployment--and Its Affect on the Black Jobless Rate

January saw a remarkable three-point drop in black joblessness. Economists are skeptical it’s real. But why? Put on your data nerd hat, because we’ve got the explanation.

What Drove a Sudden, Steep Drop in Black Unemployment? Nobody Knows

Black unemployment dropped a whopping 3 percent in January, fueled by hiring of black men. Economists who’ve tracked black joblessness are waiting for the other shoe to drop–was it a statistical quirk, or is there a jobs renaissance afoot in black America?

What Congress Could Do on Jobs, While Hiding Behind Locked Doors

Several lawmakes literally hid from thousands who swarmed the Capitol this week to demand action on jobs. Here’s some of the actions they could have long ago taken.

Elected Officials Run and Lock Doors as Jobless Storm Capitol

Jobless demonstrators have stormed Capitol Hill this week, but are seeing (and recording) doors shut in their faces by elected officials, who must vote on an extension of unemployment benefits this month.

Got a Hustle to Pay Rent While Jobless? You're Part of a $1T Economy

Neither the public nor private sector is doing much to create jobs, and those that are popping up aren’t very good ones. So a lot of folks are taking matters into their own hands.

Is President Obama's Jobs Drumbeat Working?

No, Obama can’t wave his magic wand and pass bills. But he can use the substantial bully pulpit he occupies to at least force the right conversation. He’s been doing so for weeks, and there are signs that it’s working.

Six Cities Where Black People Are Living in a Depression

Black unemployment is at levels comparable to the Great Depression in six cities. But then again, black populations in dozens of cities were in acute recessions before the national crisis ever began. The actual numbers are striking.

Here's to Occupying Wall Street! (If Only That Were Actually Happening)

The Occupy Wall Street movement is building steam as protestors battle with NYPD over the right to peaceful assembly. That’s great, but the crisis at hand–crippling economic inequity–is once again lost in the din.

It's President Obama Who Needs to 'Stop Complaining' and Get to Work

Obama ruffled feathers with a speech telling black leaders to take off their “bedroom slippers” and join the battle for his jobs bill. Funny thing is, that’s just what they were trying to tell him.

How Does the American Jobs Act Stand Up for People Of Color?

While some have a lukewarm reaction to the president’s proposal, others say that elements of the plan could pay off for those who’ve been hardest hit by the bad economy.

Compromise and Crisis Continue in Obama's Latest Jobs Plan

Tomorrow’s big jobs speech will feature more tax cuts than stimulus spending, and the GOP is still not into it. Sound familiar? That’s because it is.

A Picture of the Jobs Crisis--in Black, White and Brown

The president has crafted a polite response to an impolite problem. Here’s what the devastation looks like in black and Latino communities–so far.

Stocks Are Down! Obama's Unpopular! Wait, Who Cares?!

Another dismal monthly jobs report and another round of all the wrong questions and concerns. Meanwhile, millions of people continue fighting for survival.

D.C. Gets Back to Work--and to Its Lame, Half-Hearted Jobs Debate

House GOP leaders will roll out more so-called jobs ideas this week, in anticipation of the president’s expected proposals next week. None of it is expected to meet the scale of the problem.

Is Your Credit Report Hurting Your Job Search?

A growing number of employers are using credit checks to determine who they hire, promote and fire. Learn how race factors in–and what you can do about it.

The Fed's Bombshell: Our Economy's Dead Until Congress Creates Jobs

After months of debate over the nation’s debt, the central bank’s unprecedented interest rates announcement this week was entirely about the jobs crisis. The subtext was clear: politics, not economics stand in the way of recovery.

Senate Bill Would Ban Employers' Bias Against Out-of-Work Applicants

Widespread reports suggest would-be employers and placement agencies are weeding out applicants who are unemployed–leaving the long-term jobless with even fewer options.