Jim Crow

Painting of Black man with black hair in black tuxedo and white shirt in front of brown background; sepia print featuring photographs of Black woman and man surrounded by brown text

New Exhibit Tackles Jim Crow Repression and Resistance

Black Citizenship in the Age of Jim Crow is the first of several upcoming New-York Historical Society exhibits dedicated to Black culture and history.

Orange flag says, "Living wage now."

REPORT: Predominantly White State Legislatures Are Blocking Laws That Benefit Black Workers

“State interference in city minimum wage laws stems from a larger Jim Crow legacy of blocking economic policies that primarily benefit communities of color.”

Colorlines screenshot of The Atlantic Argument video, taken on June 6, 2017.

WATCH: Is Environmental Racism the New Jim Crow?

This writer argues yes.

Illustration of freed slave being blocked from ballot box by Jim Crow laws

New Video Says Strict Voter ID Laws Are 'The New Jim Crow'

Media Matters for America breaks down how strict voter ID laws lock Black and Latinx people out of the electoral process.

Black-and-white image of Jessie Owens and Ralph Metcalfe in jerseys and shorts

'Olympic Pride, American Prejudice' Follows 17 Black Olympians at Infamous 1936 Games

Director Deborah Riley Draper: “My entire life I thought Jesse was there all alone and he didn’t have any companionship and he was on that boat by himself. But that wasn’t the case.”

REPORT: 30 States Use Debt to Disenfranchise Ex-Offenders

“The ability to pay should never be a criteria for voting.”

ICYMI: Hillary Clinton Calls Alabama DMV Office Closures 'A Blast From The Jim Crow Past'

The Democratic presidential candidate penned an op-ed in the Birmingham News,  coinciding with her campaign stop in Alabama, criticizing the closure of centers where black citizens most frequently obtain the ID they need to vote.

Are Voter ID Laws the New Jim Crow?

Photo voter ID laws are bad policies, and they have serious potential to suppress voter turnout for millions of people, mostly people of color, low-income citizens, elderly populations and college students. But this is not the equivalent of Jim Crow.