Jerry Brown

Department of Justice Sues California For Immigrant Sanctuary Policies

The suit is the latest salvo in an escalating feud between the Trump administration and jurisdictions that limit cooperation with federal immigration officials.

Rancher's fiddlenecks bloom after prolonged record drought gave way to heavy winter rains, causing one of the biggest wildflower blooms in years on March 16, 2017, at Diamond Valley Lake, near Hemet, California.

The California Drought Is Technically Over, But Likely Not Forever

Four counties remain in a state of emergency, and three are inhabited mostly by people of color. 

California Close to Instituting $15 Statewide Minimum Wage

If it passes, the proposed plan would require all businesses to pay workers at least $15 an hour by 2023.

New California Law Designed To Guard Against Racial Profiling

A new California law will require police to report details (including perceived race and gender, as well as the reason for the stop) on every civilian stop.

California Bill Could Provide Legal Support for Migrant Children

Children do not have a right to legal representation, and without it, must navigate immigration court alone.

Brown Signs Bills Increasing Protections for California Immigrants

On Saturday CA Gov. Jerry Brown signed the ‘TRUST Act’ into law, which prohibits local law enforcement from detaining immigrants who have not committed serious crimes.

California Approves Driver's Licenses for Young Undocumented Immigrants

On Sunday, Governor Jerry Brown signed Assemblymember Gilbert Cedillo’s (D-Los Angeles) AB 2189 in to law, which will allow DREAMers who are granted deferred action to apply for a California Drivers’ License. The bill states that any document received by a person granted deferred action will be accepted as proof of legal presence for the purpose of applying for a California Drivers’ License.

Calif. Gov. Vetoes Legislation That Would Protect Farm Workers from Heat-Related Deaths

Since California issued regulations in 2005 to keep farm workers from dying of extreme heat, preventable farm worker deaths have continued.

Governor Brown Denies Overtime Protection to Domestic Workers in CA

Domestic workers in California will continue to be excluded from or discriminated against by most labor and employment laws.

Goodwin Liu's CA Supreme Court Nod Could Mean Big Win For Civil Rights

But that doesn’t mean the law professor’s appointment sits well with everyone. Even some progressives.

California Reintroduces Its Own Dream Act

But will new Governor Jerry Brown stay true to his word?

Latino Voters Save the West for Democrats

Exit polls suggest Harry Reid and Jerry Brown owe Latinos their jobs. Will they remember that fact?

Whitman, Brown Square Off In Immigration Debate

Whitman says she needs Latino voters, while Brown calls her bluff.

Latino Voters Not Swayed by GOP

Researchers confirm that money can’t always buy politics.

Whitman Breaks Spending Record, But Watches Lead in Polls Shrink

Despite her big bucks, Meg Whitman’s anti-gay and anti-immigrant rhetoric still turns voters off.

More Money, More Problems for Jerry Brown, Too

Controversy erupts over pension records, which could cost taxpayers millions.

Whitman Drops $99 Million in Calif. Governor's Race

And there are still four months to go until Election Day.