A closeup of a prisoner's hand as she dials numbers on a blue, public pay phone inside of a prison.

Report Uncovers High Cost of Phone Calls at Local Jails Across U.S.

Prison Policy Initiative’s “State of Phone Justice” exposes lucrative phone contracts that prey on pretrial detainees.

Image of empty row of jail cells, with dim lights glowing in each cell.

MacArthur Foundation Commits $148 Million to Criminal Justice Reform

The organization’s Safety and Justice Challenge now includes a network of 52 cities and counties creating innovative solutions to reduce over-incarceration.

A blue and white sign with a green bush

Huffington Post Counts 811 Jail Cell Deaths Since Sandra Bland

The site plans to continually update the database as more police custody deaths are uncovered.

NYT: Violent Abuse of the Mentally Ill Is Routine, Widespread at Rikers Island

Last year, 129 inmates were severely beaten in altercations with guards at the New York City jail.

Deputy Testimony Confirms Culture of Abuse in L.A. County Jails

Unprovoked beatings, filmed “gladiator-style” fights between inmates, “flashlight therapy” were all a routine part of life inside the Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail.

Jailed, for Being Poor

Debtors’ prisons for misdemeanor crimes are flourishing in the U.S.

Did Incriminating Evidence End Sheriff Baca's Career?

Sheriff Lee Baca stepped down from Los Angeles County Sheriff amid accusations of prisoner and visitor abuse in his department. Were the too much for even Baca to bear?

LA Sheriff Baca Resigns Amid Explosive Scandals

The sheriff’s 15-year reign will come to an end in late January under deep scrutiny over abuse and corruption.

LA County Sheriff Baca Found Personally Liable for Inmate Beating

Baca may have to pay up to $100,000.

House Bill Would Keep Kids of Deported Parents With Families

The “Help Separated Families Act of 2012” intends to keep children of detained or deported parents united with their families.

California Pols Move to Keep Immigrant Families Unified During Deportation

In reaction to Colorlines.com’s investigation, a state Assembly bill seeks to strengthen parents’ rights to stay in contact with children and child welfare case workers while detained.

Crack Cocaine Sentencing Reforms Go Into Effect

An estimated 12,000 people serving time for crack cocaine offenses could see their sentences reduced.

Dozens of Beatings and Coverups by Officers in L.A. County Jails

The Los Angeles County Sheriff Department is under even more scrutiny, just as the state begins moving thousands of inmates from state prisons to county jails.