Jackie Robinson

Black-and-white photo of Black man in baseball cap and suit holding baseball jersey and glove in front of lockers

Celebrate Jackie Robinson's Words and Actions on His 99th Birthday

The son of Georgia sharecroppers would become one of the most famous advocates for racial equity in sports. 

Colin Kaepernick in white sleeveless warm-up shirt with red-and-gold 49ers logo on front

Keep The Activist Athlete Convo Going With The #ColinKaepernickSyllabus

Mark Anthony Neal collaborated with scholars across disciplines to create the extensive syllabus, which features works on sports and race from James Baldwin and Jackie Robinson.

Ken Burns Says His New Jackie Robinson Doc is About Black Lives Matter

From integrated swimming pools to driving while Black, the director uses his new documentary to show how activists are still fighting the same battles—just with new names.

Philadelphia Apologizes to Jackie Robinson For Racist Treatment

Nearly 70 years after Robinson faced racist taunts from Philadelphia Phillies players and team management, the city says it’s sorry.

Jackie Robinson Actor to Star in James Brown Biopic

The Godfather of Soul’s got a story to tell. And Hollywood’s about to tell it.

Jackie Robinson Biopic Is Most Popular Baseball Movie Ever

The baseball legend is still making big plays – this time at the box office.

Who Was the Real Jackie Robinson?

“42,” the Hollywood film about Jackie Robinson’s first year in the racially segregated major leagues, comes out today. Inside the racial politics and legacy of the baseball trailblazer.