international aid

Famine Devastates Somalia in the Shadow of U.S. Domination

The now-famished nation has long lived with well-fed wars and an overbearing U.S. presence that has eroded the institutional foundations it purports to rescue.

Disaster Capitalism in Haiti Leaves Displaced With Few Good Choices

Bill Clinton’s marque housing initiative is illustrative of so much that’s gone wrong thus far in Haiti’s painfully slow reconstruction.

Rape in Haiti: The Aftershocks Continue

A year and a half later, squalid camps remain the only homes for hundreds of thousands of people, and reports of sexual violence inside them are rising.

Haiti's Remarkable HIV Turnaround May Be Undone by Earthquake

Global health watchers worry the island’s epidemic is exploding anew as the recovery drags on.

Learning From Shattered Haiti's Year of Struggle

Global Justice columnist Michelle Chen says the earthquake revealed deep problems with global aid systems, but also may create new models of locally led development.

Good Intentions Haven't Done Much For Haiti

Joe Mozingo at the Los Angeles Times reports that foreign aid workers do more harm than good.

Pakistan's Flood Victims Drown in Stereotypes of Terrorism and Graft

Military aid far outpaces the humanitarian help the West has sent.

The Total Failure of Global Aid in Haiti

So what about supporting some home-grown solutions?

One Step Forward, Two Steps Apart on UN's Development Goals

World leaders gather this week to face global poverty. They can start by facing global inequity.

Letter Urges French to Repay Haiti's "Independence Debt"

Activists claim France “extorted” the money, now estimated to be worth $22 billion.

Dispatch from Haiti: Wondering About Wyclef

The young voters “Clef” hopes to lead aren’t yet sure they can follow him–or any other politician.

Wyclef's Serious About Haiti Presidential Bid

He’s expected to announce tomorrow. Controversy to ensue shortly thereafter.