Indigenous Peoples' Day

Redbone. Black and white photograph of five Indigenous and Latinx men in multicolored clothing in front of grey background

Livestream Los Angeles' First Official Indigenous Peoples' Day Celebration

The United States’ largest city to officially replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day marks its first official commemoration with a series of events, including a concert by rock band Redbone.

Brown people in multicolored clothing stand waving green and red-white-yellow-and-black flags on steps of building with green and white stone

Los Angeles is Largest U.S. City to Replace Columbus Day With Indigenous Peoples' Day

Council members voted 14-1 to replace the annual holiday with one that recognizes the Native peoples who occupied this land and resisted colonization.

Portion of "'All the Real Indians Died Off'" book cover features the eyes of a Native man with a black box of type over the rest of his face

Use This New Book Excerpt to Shut Down the Fake Heroism of Christopher Columbus

In honor of Indigenous People’s Day, read and share this powerful excerpt of the new book “ ‘All the Real Indians Died Off’: and 20 Other Myths About Native Americans.” In this portion of Chapter 3, authors Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and Dina Gilio-Whitaker skillfully dismantle the lies and racist logic that turned a genocidal slaver named Christopher Columbus into an American hero.

Today, Americans #RethinkColumbusDay

The hashtag #RethinkColumbusDay is trending today as Americans celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day and challenge Columbus’s genocidal legacy. Also, we’ve got two videos to help you combat Columbus Day in your own way. 

Seattle City Council Passes Indigenous Peoples' Day Resolution

Some Italian-Americans decry the decision