Independent Police Review Authority

Police in black patrol attire with black-and-white checkered banners on hats against white police truck with red text

Chicago PD Officer Suspended for Killing Unarmed Man

The unidentified officer was off duty when he shot Jose Nieves.

Hundreds of protestors sit in the street

Paul O'Neal Police Shooting Protests in 7 Photos

Activists took to the streets of Chicago to protest police violence that caused the death of the unarmed Black teenager.

Rahm Emanuel Will Disband Chicago's Police Authority, Create Civilian Body to Oversee System

“The new board will give a voice to Chicago residents whose lives are affected daily by police practices.”

Leaked E-mails Reveal More Alarming Aspects of the Laquan McDonald Video Coverup

A new report from The Daily Beast cites e-mails between city lawyers and a representative of Laquan McDonald’s family that show that Rahm Emanuel knew what was on the grisly video and that the city tried to force the McDonald estate to keep it confidential as a condition of a $5 million settlement.