A person with their hands shackled behind their back is seen through an opening in a chain-link fence

Incarcerated People Stage Strikes Nationwide

Strikers say meager wages and sentencing laws that target people of color amount to modern day slavery.

Women Inmates

Report: National Movement to Reduce U.S. Prison Population Has Largely Ignored Women

Women’s incarceration rates in 35 states have outpaced men’s since 1978, according to a new study from the Prison Policy Initiative.

REPORT: How Parental Incarceration Impacts Our Kids

A new report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation explores how having incarcerated parents impacts kids—and what we can do to improve their lives now and later.

This Infographic Shows How the U.S. Compares to Other Countries in Incarcerating People of Color

For its “Black Lives Matter Everywhere” issue, World Policy Journal takes readers behind the razor wire to see who is being imprisoned around the world.

Inmate Released by Presidential Decree: 'I Am Completely Confused.'

A black federal inmate, one of the 46 nonviolent offenders whose sentence was commuted by Barack Obama nearly two weeks ago, spoke to VICE about his sentencing, commutation, and future. 

A Mother’s Day Look at Life For Moms of Incarcerated Children

Two mothers share what it’s like to have an incarcerated son, and Essie Justice Group, a new organization working to provide support to women with incarcerated loved ones.

Report: Majority of Prison Inmates Have Mental Illness

An Urban Institute report highlights the gaps in knowledge about how this population fares.

Janet Mock Raises Nearly $8K (and Counting) in Books for Trans Prisoners

The project has already surpassed its goal with 28 days left.

After Corrections Commissioner's Indictment, Mississippi Private Prisons Under New Scrutiny

The state has the second highest incarceration rate in the United States

Out of Prison, but Not Free [Video]

Men leaving Louisiana’s infamous Angola penitentiary describe the emotional and psychological hurdles they face after years of incarceration.

Marissa Alexander's Retrial Postponed to December

A pending Florida law could determine Alexander’s future.

On 'Orange is the New Black' and Pregnancy in Prison

What happens when women give birth behind bars?

Women's Prison Anthology Aims to Raise Money for Marissa Alexander

The anthology will be available for purchase in early June.

Concussion Studies: From NFL Players to Jailed Youth

New research looks at high rates of concussions among jailed youth

Black Woman, 74, Freed After 32 Years In Prison

Mary Virginia Jones served time for a murder committed by an abusive boyfriend

The War on Drugs Continues to Keep Prisons Full

More than half of those currently incarcerated are there because of drug offenses.

Life Without Parole for Selling a $10 Bag of Weed

The legacy of “tough on crime” policies lives on