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Five Things We Know About DACA on its First Anniversary

The Brookings Institute released a report today looking at the last year of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, a band aid approach to addressing immigration reform for the estimated 1.6 million undocumented immigrant youth living in the

How Long Do Immigrant Families "Wait in Line"? Sometimes Decades

It’s a popular turn of phrase: undocumented immigrants should just follow the rules and “get in line.” What they don’t point out is that it’s a really, really long line, thanks to the broken immigration system. Here’s a look at who’s waiting for family and work visas. Inadvertently Publishes Helpful List of Immigrant Victories

We skim the surface of the network’s questionable relationship with right wing immigration group FAIR.

Texas Rep. Luna Hernandez Shares Story of Growing Up Undocumented

For her, the debate over HB 12 is a matter of personal privilege.

Russell Pearce Set to Move on Immigration Bills

There’s no slowing down the ‘John Wayne of the Legislature.’

Rep. Cleaver: GOP Manufactures Black-Brown Tensions

Members call the GOP’s tactics to divide communities of color on immigration as “abhorrent and repulsive.”

Immigrant Families Face Child Welfare and Deportation

Harsher enforcement is tearing families apart.

The Right's Long, Racist History of Calling Moms Criminals

The GOP’s birthright citizenship drama isn’t the first in which women of color have been cast as criminal breeders.