i-word watch

Youth Drum Up Support for Dropping the I-Word in Charlotte, NC

The students rallied more than 1,200 people to sign pledge cards to drop the i-word in just a matter of hours.

Apple Rejects 'Smuggle Truck' Game About Immigrant Deaths

Back in January, we reported on the game Smuggle Truck, a game by Boston-based developers Owlchemy Labs. In Smuggle Truck, the player races an old pickup truck through a desert, attempting to cross the border without letting too many immigrants bounce out of the back.

Edhelper Removes Racist Homework Assignment

Thanks to all of our readers who took action.

Georgia 3rd Graders Asked What U.S. Does to 'Illegal Aliens'

Parents are outraged over the homework assignment. Here’s what you can do.

Virgil Peck's Idea To Hunt Immigrants Like Hogs Began With the I-Word

When criminalizing slurs are the norm, there’s no limit for acceptable discourse–or policy.

Chicago Hospital Deports Quadriplegic Man, Hate Speech Cheers

Quelino Ojeda Jimenez’s story reveals the relationship between dehumanizing language and institutional brutality.

We Won't Be Cowed by Glenn Beck's Personal Attacks

From Fances Fox Piven to Colorlines’ alum Daisy Hernandez, Beck’s attacks are meant to scare us into silence.

Smuggle Truck, the iPad Game that Trivializes Border-Crossing

Video games have power, and this uses it in all the wrong ways.

Study: I-Word's Usage Has Skyrocketed Alongside Policy Debate

Newsline graphs the use of dehumanizing slurs to refer to immigrants over the past 30 years.

Fox News Can't Decide Whether to Love or Hate Latinos

The big lesson? You can’t have it both ways.

FOX News and Society of Professional Journalists Take on the I-Word

A journalist tries to lead smart conversation about demeaning language, and right wing pundits freak out.

Fox News: 'Penélope Cruz is Having an Anchor Baby'

Leave it to the network to insult Latinos on what’s supposed to be their own turf.

I-Word Triggers Boycott Campaign Against Fresno Bee Newspaper

Immigrant community advocates take the Frenso Bee to task for its language.

Sharron Angle Says Fear "The Wave" (Yes, She Means Brown People)

Things just keep getting uglier in Nevada.

Cops Call Oil Spill Workers Immigrant Gangsters

A sheriff has set up checkpoints and called federal agents to BP’s cleanup sites because he says “illegal aliens” are building “criminal enterprises”–just like they did after Katrina.