Housing and Urban Development

Puerto Rico Faces Extensive Damage After Hurricane Maria

Puerto Rican Activists Fear Residents Will See Little of $20 Billion Recovery Grant

Human rights attorney Ariadna Godreau-Aubert: “What weve seen so far is that this is a plan for developers, and not for the people.

REPORT: Ben Carson's Plan to Raise Rent Hurts Poor Families of Color

Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson says he wants to raise rents for people living in poverty to push them into jobs. But a new report says his plan would force millions into homelessness.

Ben Carson. Black man in black suit and red tie sits with microphone.

Civil Rights Groups Sue Ben Carson, HUD for Suspending Anti-Discrimination Fair Housing Rule

“With the rule suspended, our tax dollars will continue to be used, in effect, to underwrite continuing segregation, lack of housing choice, and unequal opportunity throughout our country.”

Ben Carson. Black man talking.

Civil Rights Groups Sue Ben Carson, HUD For Allegedly Aiding Affordable Housing Segregation

“The delay of this rule will have a segregative effect, denying these primarily African-American families who would want to move out of their neighborhoods the chance to do so.”

Two protestors hold up signs. One of them says in Spanish, "We Have Right to A Roof." The other one says, "Housing is a human right!"

#RenterWeekOfAction Addresses Nationwide Housing Crisis

Renters across the country are staging a week of protests to challenge rent increases, evictions and cuts to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Woman speaks through bullhorn

WATCH: Public Housing Residents Confront Ben Carson in Miami

Everyone is talking about Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson getting stuck in an elevator. But this is the real public housing story of the day.

Black man in navy suit with white-and-blue-striped shirt and red patterned tie against blurry navy background with white text

Ben Carson Tapped to Lead Department of Housing and Urban Development

Donald Trump’s announcement of Carson’s nomination comes three weeks after reports that Carson did not feel experienced enough to run a federal department.

HUD to Landlords: Stop Using Criminal Records to Deny POC Housing

The agency just issued guidelines that link systemic racism in the justice system to housing discrimination.

Could These Four Policy Changes Close the Racial Wealth Gap?

A new report recommends federal policies that could change the way low-income families of color save for the future.

Obama Announces Federal 'Ban the Box' Measure, Other Criminal Justice Reforms

President Obama: “We’ve gotta make sure Americans who’ve paid their debt to society can earn their second chance.”

U.S. Housing Dept. Takes Hardest Shutdown Hit of All

HUD is working without 96 percent of its staff, the deepest cuts of any Cabinet department.

'Obama Boy' Has a Crush on the President, R&B Style

“Hey Barry, It’s me.”

High School Senior Sings His Way Off UMich's Admission Wait List

High school senior Lawrence Yong from Los Angeles just sang himself off the admissions waitlist at the University of Michigan.

Johnson & Johnson Becomes 19th Company to Withdraw Support From ALEC

Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson announced Tuesday that it would no longer fund the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Finally, a Satire Film About Being a Black Face in a White Place is in the Works

“Dear White People” is a satire about being a black face in a white place.

Federal Housing Protections for Transgender Tenants

HUD expands its interpretation of the Fair Housing Act to cover gender identity.