Two homes sit side-by-side in the Fort Greene neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York.

#RentersDayOfAction Kicks Off Today in 48 U.S. Cities

Demonstrations have started in New York City and San Francisco, with others scheduled for Boston and Chicago.

HUD to Landlords: Stop Using Criminal Records to Deny POC Housing

The agency just issued guidelines that link systemic racism in the justice system to housing discrimination.

READ: The Housing Discrimination That Destroyed Memphis

A new article from Places Journal is the first in a series on urban inequality in America. 

Could These Four Policy Changes Close the Racial Wealth Gap?

A new report recommends federal policies that could change the way low-income families of color save for the future.

Obama Announces Federal 'Ban the Box' Measure, Other Criminal Justice Reforms

President Obama: “We’ve gotta make sure Americans who’ve paid their debt to society can earn their second chance.”

Residents Say California Police Illegally Searched Homes of Poor People of Color

Residents in an apartment complex in Stockton, California say housing inspections are being used to trample on their rights.

REPORT: Latinos Denied Home Loans at Twice the Rate of Whites

Latinos seeking to purchase homes are being turned down for mortgages.

Here’s the Housing Discrimination Suit the City of McKinney Settled

The city essentially segregated poor people of color from living near whites until at least 2009

NYC Public Housing Evicting Residents for Family Members' Drug Arrests

‘How much money are you spending to look for a 14-year-old son who, by the way, you've now made homeless?’

More People Moved in the Foreclosure Crisis Than During the Great Migration

What if we thought about the foreclosure crisis as a migration issue, and not just as a housing one?

The Housing Crisis Continues, and Many Are Tired of Waiting

The new 'I Can't Wait' nationwide campaign collects and shares stories from those most affected by the ongoing U.S. housing crisis.

Report Details Squalid Conditions of Richmond, Calif. Public Housing

The city is home to one of the worst apartment buildings in one of the worst public housing agencies in the country.

Is it Getting Tougher for Latinos to Own Homes?

Stricter home ownership regulations are hitting the Latino community particularly hard.

Black and Latino Families are Hardest Hit by Housing 'Income Segregation'

A recent study from Stanford and Cornell researchers says people are increasingly living in either extremely rich or extremely poor neighborhoods.

How Foreclosure Undermined Black and Brown Wealth

This foreclosure tidal wave is why wealth for blacks and Latinos is at the lowest level ever recorded. Housing is the leading wealth asset for these two communities.

Report: Government Abandoned Integration of Housing For Decades

The Fair Housing Act has been largely ignored for 40 years, according to a new investigation.

Honoring Eric Quezada's Love for San Francisco's Mission District

We take a moment to remember the work of a remarkable educator and organizer who fought gentrification alongside immigrant and low wage workers.