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Report: For Students of Color, College Life Filled With Microaggressions

Women and students of color report experiencing taunts, denigration, and microaggressions.

Latinos with Bachelor Degrees Increased by 80% in Last Decade, But Achievement Gap Persists

For the first time ever, more than 30% of U.S. adults 25 and older had at least a bachelor’s degree, but Latinos are still far behind.

The Dark Cloud the Supreme Court Just Cast Over Affirmative Action

The Roberts court is uniquely hostile to affirmative action. And now that it has agreed to review a challenge to the University of Texas’s admissions program, all bets may be off for affirmative action in higher education.

U.S. Dept of Ed Inquiry: Do Harvard and Princeton Discriminate Against Asian-American Students?

An Asian-American student says he was passed over because of his race. Experts help make sense of the thorny debate.

Why Are So Few Young Men of Color Graduating High School?

New graphics tell the story.

California DREAMing--"Education Can Be This Kind of Light"

Two bills that would grant undocumented youth greater access to higher ed are moving through the state legislature.

Study: Only 37 Percent of Students Can Repay Loans on Time

And with 15 percent of black college grads out of work, that number’s likely to go up.