Henry Louis Gates

three book covers side by side the first is as the fire grows by Dina Gilio-Whitacker, second Fearing the Black Body by Sabrina Strings and third Superior by Angela Saini

#ColorlinesReads: Get Some Perspective With These 5 Books

These engaging titles unravel myths surrounding resistance movements, settler colonialism and racist pseudoscience.

Henry Louis Gates Jr. A Black man with a blue jacket and gray beard stands outside with green lawn behind him.

Henry Louis Gates Explores Reconstruction Via New Docuseries and Book

“Reconstruction: America After the Civil War” begins with the exuberant hope that accompanied the end of the war and ends with the hard realities of Jim Crow.

Old photograph of man with moustache against browning background

PBS to Air Doc on Black Editor Who Fought Original 'The Birth of a Nation'

William Monroe Trotter’s battle against D.W. Griffith’s notorious film forms the basis of “Birth of a Movement,” which features contributions from Spike Lee and Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Henry Louis Gates Jr. in a black suit on a stage

WATCH: Trailer for 'And Still I Rise' Explores Recent History of Black America

Hosted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., the four-hour series aims to uncover how African Americans have changed the world.

Novelist James Balnddwin in Hyde Park, London, in 1969.

James Baldwin's French Home Could Become an Artist Colony

There is an $11.2 million fundraising campaign underway to make it happen.

'Finding Your Roots' to Return to PBS Following Dramatic Exit

The show—which was suspended after Henry Louis Gates omitted data that showed Ben Affleck’s relatives owned slaves—will return to your television in January.

PBS' ‘Finding Your Roots’ Suspended Due to Ben Affleck Slave-Master Drama

The geneology show’s production has been halted after leaked Sony e-mails revealed that producers complied with Ben Affleck’s request to hide his slave-owning relative. 

Actress Khandi Alexander Discovers Racial Violence Victim in Her Family Tree

Grandfather Joshua Masters, 25, may’ve been killed in 1935 in Jacksonville.

Book of 'Black Quotations' Offers New Way to Look Back at History

Consider this new book among your holiday gift ideas.

Study: Beer Summit Drowned Jobs and Healthcare in Race News

Or, how we end up talking about Shirley Sherrod instead of double-digit black unemployment.

Henry Louis Gates' Dangerously Wrong Slave History

The celebrity academic’s New York Times editorial is not only a disservice to history, it comes at exactly the wrong time in our discourse on race.