health disparities

READ: A Brilliant Breakdown of Baltimore's Segregation

The new issue of Baltimore City Paper paints the picture of Baltimore’s deep and multifaceted segregation. 

Life Expectancy Gap Between Blacks and Whites is Shrinking

The difference is now the smallest it has ever been.

STUDY: Feeling Stressed Out? Discrimination May Be to Blame.

A new study links discrimination—from microaggressions to race-fueled police violence—with heightened stress levels and illness.

Despite Obamacare Advances, Racial Health Disparities for Women of Color Abound

How does your state fare?

Study: In Black Men, Internalized Racism Speeds Up Aging

A new study in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine finds that taking in racism can wear away at white blood cells.

Equal Access to HIV Treatment Could Finally Slow the Black Epidemic

A new study finally proves “treatment as prevention” remarkably slows HIV’s spread. But huge numbers of black people living with HIV don’t know they are positive and aren’t in treatment.

More on Health Impact of Longterm Joblessness

Reader Barbara Glickstein offers a view from caregivers.

The Physical and Emotional Costs of Long-Term Unemployment

Studies show this crisis isn’t just about money any more.

CDC Study Shows Teen Pregnancy About Education, Not Race

High rates among all races are clumped in the South, where comprehensive sex ed is rare.

American Science's Racist History Still Haunts the World

Yet another example of American science’s horrific history found in Guatemala.

Coal Pollution Will Kill 13K in 2010, Clustered in Cities, Says Study

The good news is that this injustice can be at least partially remedied through human action.

Another Way Neighborhoods Are Creating Real Food Options

Commenter Gordo chimes in with a smart idea from Minneapolis: Mini-markets

5 Ways Neighborhoods Are Taking Control of Their Food Systems

We’re glad Michelle Obama’s got our back, but here’s what some folks are doing on their own–and what you can do too.

It's Not Just Bullets Scarring Chicago Public Housing Residents

Urban Institute study shows years of trauma may leave families with wounds that don’t heal.

Is Environmental Injustice Morphing Little Girls' Bodies?

The latest research suggests an array of social and environmental factors may be causing girls bodies to develop prematurely, especially girls of color.

Michelle Obama: Let's Make Schools Feed Kids Real Food

The First Lady plugs the policy-meat on the bones of her childhood obesity campaign.

What's Really Killing Black People?

ColorLines commenter Victor points to a troublingly long list of things.

Sick Neighborhoods Create Barriers to Health for Men of Color

Exploring community wellness as a collective whole, we see a grim prognosis emerging from the social systems surrounding Black and Latino men and boys.

White House Bans Abortion Coverage in New High-Risk Pools

And women of color are most likely to pay the price. Reproductive justice advocates are asking people to write the administration and demand better.

HIV in Poor U.S. Neighborhoods as Intense as Developing World

But neither HIV nor the poverty to which it’s tied is evenly distributed between races.