Hate Speech

Red and white YouTube icon on a phone.

YouTube Ramps Up Removal of Hateful Videos and Comments

The company says it took down about 100,000 videos, 17,000 channels and 500 million hate speech-filled comments in just three months.

A demonstrator holds up a hand drawn sign of an immigration cage with the caption "Trump's new hotels."

In Immigration Lockups, Hate Speech Means More Than Just Words [Op-Ed]

Freedom for Immigrants has documented some 800 incidents of hate and bias by guards against people in ICE detention. In many cases, verbal abuse led to physical and sexual assault, denial of medical services, retaliatory use of solitary confinement and denial of visits.

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The 3 Quotes You Have to Read From the Facebook Hate Speech Exposé

ProPublica reveals internal documents about the social media giant’s protocol and technology for tracking and removing racist statements, violent content and fake news—and how they impact people of color.

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Accounts of Post-Election Racist Graffiti, Harassment Pour in From Across the Country

People of color across the country are reporting racist harrassment in the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory.

Close-up of Khalid Jabara's face

Khalid Was the 'Fun' Uncle

People around the nation are mourning Khalid Jabara, the Arab-American man slain this month by a racist next-door neighbor with a violent past. Here, his sister in law, Jenna, tells Colorlines about his role in the family and why his parents are not leaving their home. 

WATCH: OITNB Star Diane Guerrero Protests Hate, Describes Parents' Deportation

The actress describes her story in a new video from the Immigrant Legal Resource Center. 

Trigger Warnings and Free Speech On Campus. Discuss.

What can (can’t) you say, anymore?

Black Students at St. Louis Univ. Respond to On-Campus Hate Speech

Hate messages follow recent shooting at two Jewish community centers

'Geography of Hate' Maps out Racism on Twitter

A group of researchers have created a “Geography of Hate” map revealing racist and homophobic tweet concentrations across the U.S.

Map Shows You Where Those Racists Tweeting After Obama Election Live

These findings support the idea that there are some fairly strong clustering of hate tweets centered in southeastern U.S.

Activists Celebrate as José Luis Sin Censura Goes Off the Air

For 18 months, activists from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and the National Hispanic Media Coalition have fought to get José Luis Sin Censura off of television. The show, which is basically the Spanish-language equivalent to the Jerry Springer show, as been derided for its repeated use of homophobic slurs. Today, those activists won.

Sheriff's Thoughtful Remarks On Gifford's Shooting Spark Debate

It’s not the first time Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik has taken a bold stance against bigotry in the state.

Rising Hate For Migrants Worldwide Starts With Criminalizing Them

Pramila Jayapal says that’s why she’s celebrating the 10th International Migrants Day by dropping the i-word.

Remembering the Transgender Women Murdered Last Year

At least 22 people were killed in anti-gay attacks last year. Hate crime victims are overwhelmingly transgender people of color.

Racist Woman's Rant Gets Black Postal Worker Fired

Just when you thought you’d seen it all on YouTube…

Anti-Muslim Furor Spreads to College Reading Lists in Brooklyn

Brooklyn College is up in arms over a book that was published when many thought the worst parts of post-9/11 furor was behind us. Think again.

Hate Speech Flourishes Online

There’s a fine line between hate speech and legit critique on the Web.

Groups Push FCC to Regulate Hate Speech