Hate Speech
Close-up of Khalid Jabara's face

Khalid Was the 'Fun' Uncle

People around the nation are mourning Khalid Jabara, the Arab-American man slain this month by a racist next-door neighbor with a violent past. Here, his sister in law, Jenna, tells Colorlines about his role in the family and why his parents are not leaving their home. 

Activists Celebrate as José Luis Sin Censura Goes Off the Air

For 18 months, activists from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and the National Hispanic Media Coalition have fought to get *José Luis Sin Censura* off of television. The show, which is basically the Spanish-language equivalent to the *Jerry Springer* show, as been derided for its repeated use of homophobic slurs. Today, those activists won. GLAAD and NHMC received a letter today from Liberman Broadcasting, Inc. outlining the company’s decision to drop the show.